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  1. by   LTCNS
    So I went to put in my notice, but first telling them that they really need to hire someone to help out because I did not feel safe and felt my license was on the line. I was met with anger and was told not to worry about working it out. At least I tried.
  2. by   CaliBoy760
    I don't understand. Did they let you go on the spot? Who was angry? Believe me, someone in that clinic KNEW you were in over your head and they did nothing to help you. The same BS will continue with the next nurse that they hire as well. I feel for you, HBO can be a real kick ass job if the vibe and work load are right. What state do you live in?
  3. by   LTCNS
    I'm in MS.

    The CM and Program Director were angry. They told me they felt like the job did not require two people and I didn't have to worry about working out a notice. I left it like that and just walked out. Even the patients said I needed help. Sad huh?
    Anyway, It wasn't until recently that I found out they have a heck of a time keeping nurses in the clinic AND in HBO. In just 3 months they have been through two RNs in the clinic and I was the fourth HBO SD/Tech/Nurse in three years.

    I like HBO for what it is and have learned a great deal. I feel like if I had had the help I needed and the support, it would have been very enjoyable. Right after I got back from my week long training I was literally left on my own, but was told I would not be until I felt comfortable. It was sink or swim and I feel like I did a heck of a job swimming with so little support. I honestly believe that if I went elsewhere and did HBO and had good support I would thrive. It can be a very rewarding career in the right setting. I know a nurse who does HBO at another clinic and the difference is night and day. She has the help she needs and loves her job.
  4. by   LTCNS
    I got a new job! Although hyperbaric nursing is interesting, it's just not for me. I pray they find someone very soon who will stay and be able to handle the heavy workload on their own, because that's how it will always be there unfortunately.