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    I just took a job as a wound nurse in LTC. I have only been a nurse for a year. I have my ADN and will have my BSN in Dec 2011. I am so intrigued by this speciality and was wanting to know if anyone knew the career paths you could have as a wound nurse. I know you can get certifed but the site I found stated you needed 3 years exp. I feel like I could really make a long term career at this but I just need some direction in education pathways because I was on the NP track. Any advice would be great
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  3. by   mommy.19
    It all depends on your eventual goals. I'm going for the AAWN CWS certification when I've reached my clinical experience requirements. The route I've taken in wound care does not really include ostomy and continence nursing so that is the best for me, however, if you're dealing with decubs as often as you are with stomas, catheters, etc, you may like the WOCN cert better. I would find some people with both certs and talk to them about why they chose what they did (some chose what they've got because their employers paid for whichever one) but you get the idea Good luck!
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    That was very helpful thanks