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  1. Hello everyone,
    I was just hired as the new treatment nurse in a SNF. I have never done this type of job. I am also a newer LVN I work part time changing dressings, packing wounds, assessing skin tears, applying creams to skin rashes, etc, etc,... I love this job. I really enjoy going to work. I like that I am constantly moving. I have a great DON that really is helpful when I have questions. I want to learn more about wounds and the healing process. I was hoping that ya'll could give me some good websites, books, articles, classes....
    Thank you all in advance.
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  3. by   KimT08
    There are several resources out there. The best place to start is with your sales reps. Healthpoint, KCI, Smith and Nephew all have online free educational tools. All sales reps usually have educational programs that they can offer you if your facility uses their products. An important thing to remember however is the goal behind offering these programs for free is to get you to use their products. I would get all the information that I could find whether it meant reading lots of books, asking many questions, looking up things you don't know or understand, and even asking your facility to send you to educational courses. Ultimately you are responsible for the residents with wounds and you will be held accountible to ensure that the residents are getting the appropriate treatment and interventions. It is important that you understand that wound care is not just about what to put on the wound. You must also look at nutrition including lab values, the type of bed and chair the resident has, foot wear, vascular and arterial status, etc. I hope this helps!
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    I'm a Tx nurse, let's create a support forum for all Tx nurses!