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  1. I'm an RN working in a state prison system. I'm very interested in getting my certification in wound care which would benefit the prison system as a whole. We have patients who go to a wound clinic at a local hospital and they come back with wet to dry dressing changes BID with no necrotic tissue involved.....8 hours of heating back up to wound healing temperature never mind the substandard care of wet to dry.....

    Wondering if anyone out there may have done a proposal or can give me ideas about the benefits of having a certified wound care RN on staff.

    thanks for any help you can be....
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  3. by   mommy.19
    One good thing is that many certifying bodies will write a letter of advocacy to your employer. One main thing I would emphasize is that being a competent and knowledgeable wound clinician would save them TIME AND MONEY. No system wants to pay for their inmate to go OUT to be taken care of. It would also be of great assistance if you were ever called to testify regarding an injury or the care that was given to a wound.

    Both of these certifying bodies will write a litter of advocacy after passing the exam. However it sounds like you are wanting one before certifying. I would make sure to outline all the problems your system is currently having wound practices and then propose the benefit and change in procedure that would occur if the prison staffed a competent and certified wound nurse.

    Not sure if that helped!