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Getting used to it

  1. 0 Question to all nurses out there! I am in nursing school and I can deal with poop any day but I am not used to vomit yet. Anyone else in my place? Will it just take time for me to get used to seeing?
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    Yes, probably...that being said we all have our area that may still gross us out! Mine is respiratory mucous, phlegm etc...eeeww BUT you gotta do what ya gotta do!

    For me, I know most people are already upset that we, as nurses, are having to deal with all there "ooops, and accidents" .
    Rarely have I had someone not been appreciative and for me, dignity is key, for both parties.

    I work in a specialized wound clinic and see really nasty stuff- the smell can be....really intense, and I have had to take some breathers!!! It gets patients are mostly sweethearts who are 100% cognitive as well....

    Good luck with school; keep us posted


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    Thank you so much for the reply! It as helped a lot!