Certification for RN not BSN?

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    Hello nurses,

    Anyone have any experience with wound certification training for RN with Associate's Degree? That is, not a Bachelor's in Nursing?

    I see a couple advertised on alllnurses site. Looked into a couple. One requires a certification exam, another is just online self paced and no exam.

    They require a considerable investment.

    Anyone here who has pursued this avenue and has comments to share?


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    From what I know all wound certification programs have course work and clinical and are quite costly and of course once u graduate the program u have to pay and take the actual certification exam.
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    Thanks, Lynn. Yes, I've looked at two that advertise on this site. One is either onsite or online training, with required (recommended) reading from about 8 books. After taking the 5 days of hands on training, you sit for the exam. The cost is around $3500 plus the fee for testing.

    Another one is just online and does not require/recommend reading from various current textbooks and such as listed in the above option, and does not appear to require hands on clinical. It also does not require sitting for a test. I don't know what the cost is because after i realized there is no certification test, I lost interest.

    Hoping that someone out there in the webiverse has some actual experience with a cert program for ADN-RNs (who are in the numerical majority at this time). We ADN-RNs are on the front lines of wound care in the community. I see a lot of wounds in home health. Saw a lot of them in long term care. So far the most credentialed person I've encountered was an RN who was the rep for the wound care supply company.
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    Hi Redfoxglove,

    Are you Canadian or American? If you are Canadian I know of several wonderful programs ranging from a few months all the way to a Master's in Wound Science- which my co worker has!

    I did my Advanced Wound Care online with a in person class evaluation and testing at the end; skills ckeck off etc. I am lucky in that I had exposure to tons of wounds while I was taking the courses which helped tremendously!

    Hope you find one that you enjoy.
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    duplicate post
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    Any non BSN RN can sit for the CWCA exam (certified wound care associate), there is no education, it is simply a certification exam that confers specialty knowledge in wound care for $375--see www.abwm.com

    The "WCC" (wound care certified) education is a week long (upwards of $3,000), with an exam at the end (I personally don't feel it should confer wound care specialty knowledge because they basically teach you to the test, but it's great--and expensive--education).

    There are many, many CEU courses you can take to further your education, they do not confer you a "certification" but they're accredited and informative! Some great ones can be found at www.sawc.com--at the naccme website link, also the global wound academy at the smith&nephew website, as well as WoundTalk

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