Barrier ointment

  1. What is some feed back you all have on a good barrier ointment/skin protectant?? I was (still am) a big Calmoseptine fan, however, my facility made us quit using it because it stained the sheets with that pink color! I was so upset about this!! Right now we use Sensicare, which I do NOT like. To me, it balls up, cakes on, and the techs have to SCRUB to get it off, which irritates the skin more! So, which barrier creams do y'all love??
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  3. by   laderalis
    We use EPC and PO, both by Secura. EPC is like traditional diaper cream and PO is an ointment. Both come off easily. I HATE the scent if PO though, smells like cloves.
  4. by   mommy.19
    I love coloplast's skin care products. Our hospital is beginning to stock cheaper products, such as those from medline, but I continue to order the sween 24 moisturizer and the criticaid barrier ointment for our outpatient clinic. There is also a moisturizer with Urea they carry that I love to use for extremely dry skin. Of you contact your coloplast rep they will shower you with samples!!
  5. by   rehabwoundnurse
    Thank you, and yes I too live the coloplast skin care line. I also loved the cream with the urea for the extremely dry cracked heels. That stuff would get my patients looking like baby skin by the time they left. However, at our facility we can no longer use coloplast. We have to now use medline products. I'm thinking about ordering the Z-gaurd to try on some patients.
  6. by   tktjRN
    Remedy skin care line is wonderful. Guaranty your facility won't be disappointed.
  7. by   tktjRN
    You can get it from medline