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To an American nurse, it seems like an upside-down system of Policies and Procedures that fails to fall within any framework of prior hospital experiences. This is a place where the patients tell you... Read More

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    Interesting post. I'm American, revert to Islam. Was Jewish and became Muslim 27 years ago. I've been in Saudi 15 years and after 14 years as a DON in one of three addiction hospitals I have transferred to a Military Hospital as Director of Quality. This is a great career move. Working in addiction for 14 years I know about the home brew but as a Muslim I know both the reasons why it is forbidden Islamically and from the social and health points of view, the devastation of alcohol is well known. I had a patient who partied several years ago on 'home-brew' and destroyed his optic nerve and is now blind. Islam in saudi is not extreme, some Muslims may be on both sides, in their quest to "modernize" Islam and on the other side, the radically try to establish it, but Islam is pristine. The Muslim you dated certaintly is not following Islam, in fact he is disobedient to Allah and His Messenger Muhammad and sinning. A Muslim adhering to Islam correctly will be a person whom you will be secure with, safe from, helped when needed, cared for if necessary and he/she will be exceedingly concerned for your welfare, particularly in the Hereafter, henceforth, the reason for giving the message of Islam. Judge Islam from its sources, the final revelation , the Quran and from the teachings (sunnah) of God's Final Messenger Muhammad and not necessarily from Muslims unless you see they are examples from these 2 sources.
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    of special interest to me is the remark about "american style nursing". since i know of no other, maybe you could id some of the differences between australian vs american nursing. i wonder if both styles undergo a significant change as nurses try to minister to the saudi population with all of its wondrous differences.
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    I think that Im not the right person to compare Australian and American nursing, BUT from my personal experience, I had only been a nurse for a few years when I went there, and found doing a full secondary assessment on someone with a sore thumb tedious especially when I could not speak Arabic. In saying that, I got in trouble a lot- borderline bullied! BUT, I did come back a better nurse. I think mentoring and supporting nurses work out alot better than saying please explain why you did not do this last week etc.
    One of my friends is in Saudi at the moment- Ill ask her to post a comment.

    As to the person who made the comment about the muslim boyfriend, bad idea which is why it didn't last long! BUT you learn by your mistakes don't you. Not so much because I was not Muslim, but because it is illegial to be in the company of a man who is not your husband or brother in Saudi. Also, if something bad happens to you in their company, it will be your fault no matter what you did. Remember the girl who was charged for being gang raped in Jeddah was it?

    I have read some amazing books for those who are looking at going to Saudi-
    In The land of Invisable Women by Qanta Ahmed- a biography about a American muslim female doctor in Saudi, and The Bin Ladens by Steve Coll- which gives insight into the history of Saudi- excellent reads both!

    As stated before, Saudi is a great cultural experience, you just have to be aware and safe!
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    now i see what you mean about your experience with american nursing. doing a full head to toe assessment on a person with a sore finger does seem greatly excessive. in the u.s. each state has its own nurse practice acts, but they are all quite similar. all american nurses are expected to use a carefully spelled out nursing process & are required to show competency by delivering the same quality nursing care as any other nurse would usually & ordinarily provide in similar settings. failer to do so, can result in a nurse becoming unemployable, losing her license, & even being sued for negligence or malpractice. there is an underlying current of stress that may make some nurses overzealous, but hopefully, that is not all bad.
    your suggested reading materials are excellent. i agree that anyone leaving the safety of their own homeland, needs to make a study of the area & the people where they intent to go. the u.s. government issues travel advisories intended to keep its citizens as safe as possible when they travel abroad.
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    thats why sociology says that whats "norm" in one culture, is not a norm in the other. So if we hear, see or learn about a new culture, we should have a open mind.
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    just the reading of all of the comments that have been posted is an education in itself. glad to hear from you!
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    I too have read "In the Land of Invisible Women" and found it to be very informative and interesting. I would recommend it to everyone who is interested in Saudi Arabia.

    Also, the Helen Ziegler site has much information on nursing in KSA.

    Great thread guys!
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    good exposure
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    Strange you say South Africans are not welcome in Saudi, I know several who have worked there. Re the royal family: clearly too much money is bad for you. Finding alternatives to fossil fuels may be regarded as A public service and a healthcare imperative...
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    i agree with Christine Cameron-Do, my best friend, who is African American muslim (speaks arabic fluently) has so many family members that live in Saudi arabia, and she told me the complete opposite of what was said from your post..

    besides, we should look at our own backyards before bashing someone else's..How is american culture to you? maybe someone in the middle east will say, its trashy, "girls get pregnant at a young age,50% divorce rate, woman walk around naked in the beaches(i.e nude beaches), no modesty..woman are treated like trash, men leave there wife (or gf) only few months into a marriage or relationship.. no woman president (comparing from 3rd world countries like Pakistan/india that had woman leaders). SO much racism towards minorties.. the list can go on..

    Therefore, every culture has its flaws..not one culture is superior over the other...
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