RN with DOH and MOH license in Dubai, UAE - page 9

Hello to all nurses... dis is just helpful info 4 those hu r planning to go to Dubai..Please b4 u plan make sure u have the ff qualifications: prc license 2 yrs exp attested cert(school... Read More

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    Myrachel, I would like to ask if you have a 2 years exp. prior to your exam? I am planning to take haad because my mom's friend told me to take the exam. She's working as a Nurse in Abu Dhabi. I already have a continuous nursing experience as a casual staff nurse in our province. Does it count? Thanks!

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    is there a hospital accepting nurses? even theirs no doh yet..? or is it possible for me to be a nurse aide first while i don't have doh...? i wish my haad can be use in dubai.. haayy...
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    you can take exam right away via pearsonvue becoz their not evaluating ur credentials prior to exam.. after u took the exam.. for licensing procedure... u need to passed or submit all ur credentials.. so u must have atleast 3 yrs exp. in doh or moh 2 yrs is required.
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    Does my almost 2 years of casual staff nurse count? Thanks!
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    2 years experience for HAAd not 3 years
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    can someone help me regarding the doh exam?? im about to take the exam this 24th and i have no idea what the examiners would ask. can someone give me some tips or advise? thanxs
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    am I eligible to take even if I only have 2 years exp. as a casual staff nurse?
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    as long your certificate said staff nurse, not volunter, trainee...i ma planning take haad dis july , but i ll take first moh oman ..
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    hi guys... it is not true that u can work here as a nurse without MOH or HAAD license.. it is a must...
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    yah its a must ...

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