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RN with DOH and MOH license in Dubai, UAE - page 5

Hello to all nurses... dis is just helpful info 4 those hu r planning to go to Dubai..Please b4 u plan make sure u have the ff qualifications: prc license 2 yrs exp attested cert(school... Read More

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    it depends! around 3500 - 7000 AED (starting salary) goverment hospitals give more benefits!
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    Hi everyone,, id like to get some suggestions po regarding MOH license. How can i get one??

    im currently employed in Makati Medical Center and i completed a 2 year experience, im planning to get a visit visa, so i can work in Dubai. my bf is working there..i really wanted to go to dubai.. help me please....
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    yup same range ,our employer our basic salary 4600 dirhams den 45 percent for housing food allowance..,and it depends on the experience you have one of aplicant 8600 plus 40 percent housing allowance, yun nga she have 15 years exp...
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    hi.... do u know how to go to UAE via visit visa??? whats the step?? tnx
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    do you know somebody here?because going here on a visit visa you have to apply on a travel agency and they are the one's whose going to process for your visit visa..(travel agency here in dubai)and the visa is good for a month only and you can extend that for another month after it expires you have to get out of the country..i dont know if there is a travel agency in phils whose handling this visit visa nowadays..
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    thanks for the reply
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    i'm going to Dubai with a visit visa.. please pray for me..
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    @ kyckerz....good luck...whats ur email address?? i''ll pm u..tnx
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    good luck....
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    thanks... in God's will everything will turn out fine... I will just share what I'll experience there..
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    hi everybody! i just arrived a week a go from dubai.... 3 years stay with sacrifice..hayyyyy... there's no place like home... dubai? stressful. i swear! my salary is good but the environment omg! for those who are planning to go think 100x.. but if you really want to take the risk...try to visit and read about moh and doh and haad. luckily iam doh,moh,haad licensed but still i will not recommend uae....stressful...

    and please all rn's if you really want to try dubai, please avoid applying in belhoul (enaya home nursing) you will become caregiver... promise! there are lots of rn's employed in this hospital that makes lives miserable..and i am one of them suffered 4 months huhuhu ...and luckily after 6 months i passed doh and after 1 year i passed moh and lately 1 passed haad..yeah i am flattered with my licenses but suffered a lot ... i suggest, try other countries like new zealand, canada, australia ,japan..opps registration on going - poea jigwels!and yes! i recieved email notification from jigwels rn's pre qualified nurses 2nd batch!

    for info:

    1. www.moh.ae- license for 7 emirates
    2. www.dohms.gov.ae -dubai
    3. www.haad.gov.ae- abu dhabi

    good luck to all rn!
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    thank you so much for the information ^_^
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    dubaiers! What was so stressful there? Can you give some examples?