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Hello to all nurses... dis is just helpful info 4 those hu r planning to go to Dubai..Please b4 u plan make sure u have the ff qualifications: prc license 2 yrs exp attested cert(school... Read More

  1. by   joyweib
    i know an aquaintance who just left the other day for al ain,it was since last year since she applied for HAAD..im just not sure how many months she waited,i think almost 6 months until departure..
  2. by   claintie_00
    where can i take moh or doh exam here in philippines?
  3. by   joyweib
    @ claintie..some agencies in the philippines facilitate MOH exams,and DOH exams some take it here in UAE
  4. by   ERN41
    do i need my RLE record red ribboned and attested? or is it just the tor and diploma? please enlighten me,. and how many days will it take to have documents attested?
    Is high school diploma really necessary? thanks for anyone who'll reply..
  5. by   maimai_rn
    hi there..
    I'm ex-saudi nurse but i was not able to comply d saudi council bcoz my previous employer would only process our saudi council after the renewal and i did not renew my contract.
    i'd like to know, is it necessary to have a saudi council in applying for the license in UAE?
    pls.. give me some info.. tnx
  6. by   joyweib

    kindly click this for MOH/DOH/HAAD infos..you can find all of your answers there..
  7. by   markretardo
    Quote from rvalerta
    Piece of advice, enjoy first you're working years in your home country and once you had your qualified years of experience you can easily find a job in UAE that if you had a DOH/MOH/HAAD license. You can also take your licensing exam before going to UAE by taking HAAD exam in your nearest pearsonvue testing place. Don't be hurry coming to Dubai, you'll just find yourself jobless or working in a non related course job. Hope this help...

    hi, when can i exam the MOH and THE DOH exam hr in the philippines.. thnx
  8. by   markretardo
    hi im also asking that question too.. where in the same situations, im planning to go in dubai this coming oct,, guys can we get a MOH exam here also DOH exam??
  9. by   markretardo
    where can i take moh or doh exam here in philippines?
  10. by   markretardo
    where can i take moh or doh exam here in philippines?pls reply
  11. by   markretardo
    where can i take moh or doh exam here in philippines?thnx
  12. by   cutie_me_rn
    Quote from pinoyrns
    thanks... do you know anyone working as a nurse in abu dhabi with haad license? how long did they wait for their date of departure?[color=white]oou
    ms. pinoyrn

    whats the name of your agency? thanks
  13. by   joyweib
    any tips for the MOH-RN exam? is't computer based like NCLEX & HAAD or paper? can we use calculator, and compare to NCLEX & HAAD, is MOH harder or easier? any replies would be much appreciated..thanks

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