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RN with DOH and MOH license in Dubai, UAE - page 13

Hello to all nurses... dis is just helpful info 4 those hu r planning to go to Dubai..Please b4 u plan make sure u have the ff qualifications: prc license 2 yrs exp attested cert(school... Read More

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    good day.. i am also planning to have visit visa in dubai then look for work in abu dhabi... i already passed my HAAD exam..i have 2 years and 10 months work experience.. i also had my documents authenticated...is there a lot of jobs in abu dhabi?will i have a job with my experience? i am really nervous right now.. or it is just luck? please anyone who had same experience with me help me or share your experiences...thank a lot i advance
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    Quote from dy3p
    not really..experience is what they are looking for..
    hi what agency did you apply for here in the philippines? or did you apply for a visit visa in UAE?where exactly in Emirates? hoping for your reply. thanks

    to other nurses:
    can you recommend any agency here int he philippines going to abu dabhi or dubai?
    i am a dialysis nurse with a year and a half experience. would that count after acquiring 2 years of experience for licensing?
    please please i need your utmost reply thanks and God bless us all in our endeavours
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    where did you take the moh exam? can you give details please..thanks
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    hi..where did you take your MOH please? can you give details...
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    hi everyone,does anyone have the idea regarding the required exp for MOH licensing? is 1 yr acceptable? and is't true that you're exempted from the exam if you're an NCLEX passer? hoping for replies..thanks!
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    im am a pinoy RN applying for abu dhabi how long does it take to process documents after being intervieed for the position...does it really take 6months to process all documents?
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    @ pinoyRN..have u taken HAAD? the agency that i applied to before said it will take 6-8months because HAAD license really takes a couple of months..
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    @joyweib- yes i already have haad certificate , its a requirement by d hospital that i applied, wat hospital did u apply? since when?
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    @joyweib- wat agency and hospital did u applied? are u still waiting for ur application?
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    oh so you already have an employer..what's your hospital? supposedly mine was only a polyclinic, but i didn't pursue it because I would be going there instead, my father would sponsor me, then I'll just find a job there.but I think I won't be able to get HAAD license because I only have 1 year experience that's why I'm planning to apply for MOH license instead because as I know they only require 1000 hours. by the way,how many years is your experience?
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    sheikh khalifa medical city, i have 3 years ms and still on going, ive heard that its gonna take 6months to process my application i just hope its worth the wait...
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    im sure it would be worth the wait, i've heard it's great to work at sheikh khalifa, the salary and benefits are great..gudluck and congrats in advance!
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    thanks... do you know anyone working as a nurse in abu dhabi with haad license? how long did they wait for their date of departure?[color=white]oou

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