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Hello to all nurses... dis is just helpful info 4 those hu r planning to go to Dubai..Please b4 u plan make sure u have the ff qualifications: prc license 2 yrs exp attested cert(school credentials) u must have these 3... Read More

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    Quote from dy3p
    hey everyone. I myself am a nurse over at the Philippines and tried my luck over here at the Emirates. Basically, what they require is at least 2 yrs clinical experience and Health Authority Abu Dhabi (HAAD) exam. They wont accept, or give you any application form if you didnt take the HAAD exam. Just like NCLEX or any foreign exam, HAAD is taken thru pearson vue located mostly anywhere around the globe. MOH is the old haad which they had over here. To sum things up, get 2yrs of experience, have your documents (TOR, form 137 etc.)authenticated including your clinical hours and schedule yourself for the haad exam. Once all is done, you can go visit the emirates as a visit visa which is 1 month of stay and there you could look for vacancies. Or better yet, you could check online first. Hope this helps. Good luck, peace!.
    Hi! do they require straight 2 yrs experience? or they will accept a combination yrs. experience in different hospitals? I had more that 1 yr of hospital experience, however I started working without license for 6 months, if I should count from the month I had my license, it would only be 10months.
    Will they accept experiences worked in College of Nursing as CI in hospital areas? I worked for 2 sems and one summer only (11months). I had a yr working experience in Saudi, but the hospital didn't issue NOC, they only gave me Employment cert.,unfortunately, I didn't take the MOH exam as well while I was in Saudi.
    My last question is, I'm unemployed for 1 yr now, is it possible they will accept my application? Because on what I've heard we have to take the HAAD exam first before we can send out application and it would cost too much to take exam.
    Hope someone could share their opinions....

    Thank you... :-)

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    what are the steps in applying for haad exam?? is it done thru online? can i take it in pearson vue makati philippines? hope to hear from you guys!
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    wat happened to ur moh? are u visited dubai to work.. cause 1 agency is calling me to take the moh exam here in phil. but im already booked for tourist visa..i dont know what to do? if im gonna take the exam or maybe to take it there in dubai...
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    My mom's friend works as a nurse in Abu Dhabi. I was advised by her to take the MOH exam, unfortunately I did not qualify to the 2 years exp. requirement. I graduated 2008 and will be having my 2 years exp this July. I want to know if I am allowed now to apply for the Exam since I already have continuous nursing experience as a casual staff nurse in our provincial hosp. for almost 2 years now.

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    so you cannot apply for the HAAD exam if you do not have 2 years experience??
    does clinic experience count?
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    does a volunteer experience count?
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    Hello! Good day to everyone... I just arrived here in Dubai last monday... I would like to get an information regarding the DOH exam here in Dubai. How the exam is being done, what are the requirements and is there an available reviewer that can be bought? Plss reply... Any information will be appreciated... Tnx and God bless...
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    hi, im here at UAE and is scheduled to take the dha exam, can someone please help me. i just want to know some pointers for the exam.. ;-) is it more on oral or written exam?? ty ;-)
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    im a haad passer basically its simple questions based on clinical set up.. i dont have any idea about how's the moh or doh exam.. but some other says thats its look like haad questions.. how are u there? is there a lot of vancancy there?
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    im having a hard time looking for a job since im not a DHA passer yet, im scheduled to take the exam by the end of the month. there are lot of job openings but Some of the hospitals prefers female nurses than males here. btw, thanks for the info regarding the examination ;-)

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