Prince Sultan Military Medical City PSMMC - hired/for interview/interested Nurses

  1. I am a follower of pef community's forum for nurses under psmmc but to my surprise it closed yesterday and i was anxious since so i decided to create this forum for all. First of all, I was hired last february 1, 2017 under ABBA and my papers was in processed already, no update for visa yet and no ticket too. Who among you got theirs and how long did you wait for it? Heard a lot if positive feedbacks from pef about the hospital so I am keeping my hopes up lol. Thanks!
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  3. by   Mishou
    Hi. Am still waiting for the ticket bound to Riyadh for PSMMC. Do you have any updates? Am from Princess joy.
  4. by   Cathleya87
    Hi there, good day to all im also psmmc applicant and still waiting for my ticket... do you have any news for the releasing of ticket?