POEA deploy no KSA experience nurses yet???

  1. Hi nurses!!!Does anybody know if POEA accepts deployment of nurses in KSA under ministry hospitals even if you still dont have any foreign experience???Whay are the things needed???exams?papers?thank you!!!!hope somebody would notice my post....
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  3. by   CranberryJuice

    That has been the trend since 2008 and earlier (Saudi Arabia hired nurses without experience) but several changes have been made including the so called, 'Saudization' - wherein they will hire the local people who finished nursing and/or have been studying nursing.

    In 2010, POEA and Saudi Arabia required at least 2 years experience. I was lucky enough at that time because they were in for massive hiring so I was accepted with 1+ experience.

    Recently, 'rumors' have it that they require at least 4 yrs experience now and the waiting line is too long. Others have waited for more than a year before deployment.

    Some nurses who really want to go out of the country took the risk in private agencies and therefore landed in private hospitals but there are certainly risks involved so it is really up to the person.

  4. by   dreamer_gwen
    Thank you for your reply canberry I'm still running 1 year on my experience.I got a way too long to go still...crossed fingers on what lies ahead of me...thanks again..