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In applying for any of the following licenses for nursing practice in UAE, one should strictly follow the procedure implemented by the three agencies. Some hospitals do require only one of these, so... Read More

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    Thanks for the reply MSC. My COE indicates my position which is Casual Staff Nurse, this status is a contractual position, a paid work experience. I have worked for more than 2 years at a 150 bed capacity, level III health facility. This is the reason why up to now I am still hesitant to take the exam since I am not sure if the licensing authority of abu dhabi would allow it.

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    what happens if i take the HAAD exam, pass it, but have inadequate experience (only 1 year)?

    will some hospitals in uae still accept me even as an nurse aid?

    then after 1 year of experience as an nurse aid, will they credit that and allow me to have a license and practice as a nurse?
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    It is better to continue ur practice til u reach 2 yrs in order to have license to work me, after 2 yrs exp, it will be all worth for valium: You can ask your hr if possible to change your coe to staff nurse only, i dont think they recognize casual there..good luck
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    has anyone ever taken the DOH/ Dubai Health Authority nurse licensure exam? i know that it is an oral/ panel interview exam... can anyone help with some tips? what kind of questions and how to answer in order to pass??? thank you. looking forward to your replies...
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    hi planning to take the DOH of their requirements is good standing or where can i get one?thanks a lot..
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    can anyone please help me how the dubai health authority conducts the exam and what kind of questions are asked? please help. looking forward to your replies(especially those who have already taken the test). thank you very much!
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    People pls help me because i'm already confuse.. I only have 1 yr experience as a staff nurse in Phil, after that I applied here in Singapore as an Assistant Nurse and I'm already 3 yrs working here. Last week I took HAAD exam and I passed. Just want to ask.. Am I really qualified to work in UAE despite of my experience??
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    can a two year experience in a polyclinic be counted as two year hospital experience?? hope someone could answer

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