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    I have worked in Singapore in the past for 5years as a Staff Nurse. I was in Emergency Medicine Department. It was tough to adjust at first, considering I came from a small hospital with only two years hemodialysis experience back in the Philippines. I was determined to cope though. Their culture and religion plays a big part in their health care system and as a nurse, we must be vigilant to their needs. Aside from this, the influx of the patients are just so overwhelming---they don't have a system whereby they can re-route ambulances to other hospitals if our hospital has no available beds in the wards. So with this, all we have to do is to keep on accepting incoming patients and in times that the wards are full, they will have to wait for as long as 24hours in ED just to wait to be admitted. I find this very difficult for our nurses, especially that the nurse-patient ratio goes out of control. Its crazy. We had no choice but to put trolleys side-by-side with no space in between just to accommodate more patients. If one elderly woman wants to pee, we have to find a corner and push the trolley to help them relieve their bladder. If I would put myself in the shoes of other patients, I wouldn't like it if I am lying down next to somebody whom I've got no idea what disease they might be having. It's disgusting, but of course, saving lives comes first. A lot of our nurses recently resigned, which makes the workload in our department much more difficult. We had 11 staff resigned just for the month of August, and more is rumoured to follow in September. I am writing this because I am concerned to those staff left in ED, as well as to those patients who will more likely to receive a lesser quality of care under staffs who were overwhelmed with patients to take care of, with medicines to serve, and with procedures to do. I hope this will be resolved soon, especially that they plan to expand ED early next year. I guess, employing new staffs will help, but not right away since it will take time for them to actually function without being supervised.
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    hi lizarcarlo 04 would you mind if i ask your help on how to get a job there in singapore as a nurse, any agency? Thankyou
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    Hi liza,
    How can i get a work permit to singapore. I am an Indian nurse.
    How aboutvthe salary.would you be able to share with me.
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    Hi,, may i know what agencies who hires male nurses,, tnx
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    yup… If u mean how to find an agency in Phils, they have agencies named Emerald and FSL (former Saviourmed) that liases with singaporean agency to hire nurses… I was hired by FSL within 3months from the start of my application… If you are looking to apply within singapore, the agency's name is For-Lab, but I guess you can just google about their info and location… Hope this helps.. =)
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    Quote from Deeshee
    Hi liza,
    How can i get a work permit to singapore. I am an Indian nurse.
    How aboutvthe salary.would you be able to share with me.

    Hi deeshee.... work permit will be processed by your employer once they hire you. They have affiliate agencies in countries like Philippines and India to hire foreign nurses. Salary may start at SG$1200-1500 for an entry level staff nurse,depending on the experience.. =)
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    Quote from iandennis
    Hi,, may i know what agencies who hires male nurses,, tnx

    Hi Ian,

    I have a male friend who went to Singapore and was fortunate enough to be hired by a Nursing Home (I forgot the name).. Well I guess Nursing homes in SG are easier to apply for than in-hospital positions.. They are also more open to hiring male nurses compared to the hospitals there (Male nurses cannot chaperone male doctors in doing physical assessment to female clients)... Goodluck!
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    Hi! Are you still working in Singapore? How is it there now? Im thinking of applying there but i read your post and i want to know more about it thanks