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From DHA Nurse to HAAD Nurse It has been great news for every medical professional of Dubai and Abu Dhabi about the latest (MoU) Memorandum of Understanding between Dubai Health Authority and Health Authority Abu Dhabi for... Read More

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    You can obtain the CID form in your dataflow account , its under CID section if i'm not mistaken.

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    Quote from Suby Mathew
    thanks for your information . as per this info, i done dataflow report transfer request and now status is work in progress . i have already written haad exam once and failed. so i like to ask u is that ,it will not be a problem , is't it ? and i don't have DHA License ,i just have eligibility letter from DHA . please replay if you are able to answer .
    You can not transfer it to HAAD, you should have worked in Dubai first for at least 1 year before you can transfer it to HAAD
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    iam appeared haad exam once and failed..before i have deha licence and i year expnce in i can transfer licence or not ? somebody talled me that once you failed haad exam you cannot transfer it is it true?
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    To chengzz_1110 or anyone here who knows:
    I heard that if u failed the haad exam once, ur DHA license cannot be transfered to haad. Is it true?
    I failed Haad las Dec. 2011, then I took DHA at Feb. 2012. I passed DHA and I have been employed in a hospital in Dubai for 1 year as Staff Nurse INpatient department. I want to know if I am eligible for a transfer of DHA to HAAD. Please leave any comment here. God bless u guys!

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    Hi Thanks for Such a nice Information I want to know I passed DHA exam and i have DHA Eligibility Latter But i m working in DHCC (Dubai Health Care City) and i have DHCC Licencess too, so is it possible i can get HAAD Licences? or is their possibility that i can get transfer my Licencess i have both DHA Eligibility & DHCC Licences ....

    One thing i do know that DHCC Licencess is Transferring in DHA same way as you mention but i want to know if you have any Info that DHCC can Change in HAAD OR on the besis of DHA Eligibility Latter or experiences i can transfer my Licences in HAAd ....?

    Looking Forward for Your Response .............

    if you want you can answer me on
    RN Dubai Health Care City
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    Im working in dubai..i failed haad exam once..pls can i tranfer to haad????second step i ddnt understand anything about dataflow..pls help me....
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    if during that time im going to process my dha license to haad without sponsor and ready to have a sponsor during that time im still working as DHA nurse. Is my DHA license will finish? will my dha license is okay? or im going to lose my dha license? or that time i have the sponsor my license will be transfer to HAAD?
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    hi... I just want to ask the same question above, Is it true that if I failed the HAAD exam before, my DHA license cannot be transfer to HAAD?,,Please kindly help me with this issue cause I really want to transfer my dha license to HAAD, I am currently working here in Dubai using my DHA license for 6months. You can reply to my email

    Thanks a lot..Your information wiull be a great help.
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    i just tried to convert my DHA licence into HAAD as per your instructions. but that i have not got a sponser in Abudhabi and in the section 3.0 of the form, it is asking me to upload facility declaration form. when i dont have a sponsering facility what would i upload here.

    kindly reply
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    iam appeared haad exam once and i have dha licence i can transfer licence or not ? somebody told me that once you failed haad exam you cannot transfer it is it true? pls send the reply on

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