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  1. by   chengzz_1110
    Quote from RN_angie
    To chengzz_1110 or anyone here who knows:
    I heard that if u failed the haad exam once, ur DHA license cannot be transfered to haad. Is it true?
    I failed Haad las Dec. 2011, then I took DHA at Feb. 2012. I passed DHA and I have been employed in a hospital in Dubai for 1 year as Staff Nurse INpatient department. I want to know if I am eligible for a transfer of DHA to HAAD. Please leave any comment here. God bless u guys!

    one of my friend told me that she knows some of her friends who failed HAAD exam before but still transferred their DHA to HAAD, so i guess that issue is not true.
  2. by   chengzz_1110
    Quote from chisel
    Hello chengzz_1110,

    You have been really helpful in providing info to the users in need. I would like to ask you few things. I am willing to write DHA exam for General Dentistry and I would like to know the procedure. I am from India and I have an experience of 5 years. 1) I heard DHA is a Viva exam and not written, so how do I approach for an interview if thats true, 2) what certificates should I get endorsed before I attend for exam/interview

    Thanks - Chisel
    I'm so sorry i'm not familiar with dentistry exam
  3. by   nishajoby1984
    I also just want to know about the same question.If once i failed in HAAD exam is it possible change in to DHA to HAAD.Please send the reply on
  4. by   rej2013
    hi chengzz_1110. i want to ask i have a friend she is working in a private clinic in abudhabi her
    dha licensed was transferred to haad by that private clinic but she wants to transfer to a government
    hospital. is it advisable for her to resign and apply in a government hospital? will the haad license that
    she have be transferred back to dha if she resigns or will it stay as a haad license? or is it advisable
    for her to apply while still employed with the private clinic and when she gets employed with the government
    hospital then she can resign? i hope you can help us out so she can decide correctly on what to do next.
  5. by   sijimarkose2002
    I have DHA license as RN and HAAD license as PN, is there any opportunity to convert HAAD as RN on basis of DHA license?
  6. by   miss_siri
    hi there everyone, i just want to ask about the haad site, i tried to find and locate a testing center in uae or even in philippines but i cant locate a testing enter, i dont know what seems to be the problem why i can find any information on the test center. do you think theres undergoing problem or they were fixing problem on haad site? please i want to know if some of you are experiencing the same problem. ive been experiencing this for 3 weeks and i am thinking of making a new account for haad but im afraid if i will have problem in having two acounts at the same time,please i need some help or info
  7. by   cool_nurse
    there's a new law regarding haad exams. You need to undergo dataflow first. You can register for dataflow at the haad website.
  8. by   miss_siri
    thank you so much cool_nurse for the information. so they've already changes their policies on taking the exam and it is more complicated now. so it is the same as the dha now. in haad exam is it also one month waiting before they allow u to take the exam?
  9. by   mohammad turki
    hi to all nurses around the word thank all for share and exchange the information , am in puzzle that i cannot got the real answer even i called haad no confirmed answer , i have DHA and i got job in abu Dhabi governmental section و but i had the haad exam 2 years back without data flow and i didn't not passed
    i want to know if am eligible to convert my DHA to HAAD ? thanx again if u have any helpful information please waiting for your respected answer at
  10. by   judy26
    Hi! I'm a nurse and still planning to take the exam for HAAD coz I'll go to Abudhabi thru a husband visa... They said that HAAD exam is a lot more difficult than DHA. Now that I've learned that DHA can be converted to HAAD... would you advise that I'll just take the DHA exam then convert it to HAAD later? I have 3 yrs work experience but out of UAE. Is work experience from Dubai needed to be able to convert the DHA license to HAAD or not? Thanks a lot!
  11. by   chisel
    @chengzz_1110 ...

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I have cleared my DHA exam and now hold DHA Eligibility letter. I have not applied for the DHA license yet however I would like to know if this DHA eligibility could be transfered to HAAD for Abu Dhabi. I would really appreciate if you can answer my concern as I am on the verge to get a job in Abu Dhabi but do not have HAAD license. Kindly assist me ..

    Regards ~ Chisel.
  12. by   chisel
    or is it required that i have to apply for DHA license and work for some time then apply for transfer for HAAD or can I directly apply for transfer using my existing DHA eligibility.

    Regards ~ Chisel
  13. by   camilletalplacido
    i'm done with the data flow already. and they are asking me to upload an exam declaration form. where can i find it? thanks.