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  1. i recently went to koln in germany loved the place , was wondering whether anyone had information on work available there for mental health nurse with 6months experince . my german spoken is not great but i hope to take classes to brush up on this.
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  3. by   Double-Helix
    The majority of users here at All Nurses are based in America. There may be a few people from Germany around here, but I've personally never run into any.

    I'd suggest doing an internet search and calling local hospitals in Germany to search for positions. You'll also need to find out what you'll have to do to get a license to practice nursing in Germany. Good luck!
  4. by   Silverdragon102
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    There are a few posts from German nurses and they all say the same about not enough jobs and pay not so great. Don't be surprised if they expect you to be fluent in German. If you do a search for Germany you may find the posts that gives info on how to register
  5. by   Nicole Henze-Jones
    i’m a german nurse, having worked in the uk for the last 11year. i’m thinking of coming back to germany. what’s the salary for a nurse ingermany now?
  6. by   mrs.-nancy
    I know that in Germany it needed a lot nurses. I expect to go next year and an agency of job offered 2600 euros.
  7. by   MonaLuna
    Hi, I am a German nurse and happy to help you!
    Nursing in Germany is a lot different than Nursing in the US. Much more work!
    Please think about that you have pay high taxes. From 2600 Euro, you will have maybe 1300-1600 euros, depends on if you having children or what your husband is doing.

    Jobs are easy to get these days.
    But you need to speak German ( same in the US, right, you have to speak the native language of the country where you will work)
    Getting you license in Germany isn't so hard this webpage is telling you what you need

    If you have further question, please let me know, I would love to help you, because I know how difficult it is to get their license in a foreign country
  8. by   Nicole Henze-Jones
    Thanks for your help
  9. by   Nicole Henze-Jones
    I trained in Germany and came to England in March 2001. Just wondering how nursing has progressed since... If at all. I trained from 1996-1999 in Aachen and worked there for just over a year after qualifying. When I left Germany, nursing seemed somewhat behind, compaired to England. Do nurses feel respected? How are relationships between nurses and doctors? Would be great to read your views.
  10. by   BVFD 333
    another option for us americans is dod nursing. for example i work currently as a us citizen in germany/bavaria as a civilian nurse for theus army.
    for more infos go to usajobs
  11. by   happysue1954
    HI BVFD 333, I have read a few of your postings giving advice concerning overseas DOD Civilian Army Nursing in Germany. I just posted my application for a position at Hohenfels Germany on USAJOBS. I did the exact same job when I was active duty AF at a small GSU in the UK. I have been working for the VA in Ohio. Can anyone give me advice on what exactly a GS 11 Nurse 0610 is paid when working for the Army DOD. Is there any type of Professional pay? What is the Locality Pay? I think it was 25% . What group is the nursing profession considered when working overseas? What is the Post Allowance? The highest offered for this position was about $65,000. I have been a nurse for over 20 years and have a Masters Degree, will any of this be taken into consideration? I would be taking a $30,000 pay cut if I accept the overseas position. It might compromise my high three for Federal retirement too. But I would so like to go back overseas. It is difficult, not to mention confusing, finding out what exactly the Army DOD pays their civilians. I don't know if we are allowed to use our emails, but mine is
  12. by   BVFD 333
    Please check your e-mail.
    Merry Christmas to everyone!
  13. by   kim07762
    I want to work in Germany as well. My father lives in Grieshiem. It seems so hard to get recruited to those areas. Did you have any luck? My email is
  14. by   nutella
    Working in Germany as a nurse requires that the government appointed agency that regulates nursing approves you to work as a nurse. In addition you have to pass a language exam with a high proficiency and be fluent in speaking, writing and reading. You also would need a working permit unless you are a EU citizen.

    The kind of work you would do can vary significantly from nursing in the US. And do not forget that you will pay high taxes and all kind of social security items - there is no opting out of retirement, health insurance, unemployment, and others... You will also have to put up with much more attitude as nursing is not as respected.