1. 0 Hello every body, can please clarify my doubts:
    a) I have done my GNM (Diploma in nursing) in INDIA which is 3 1/2 years and having 4 years of acute care experience. I want to appear for HAAD exam. To which group i have to apply HAAD-RN or HAAD-PN ?
    b)After completing my HAAD exam, if i passed the exam, for how many days these pass score is valid ?
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    as per the haad website http://www.haad.ae/HAAD/LinkClick.as...8%3d&tabid=927 on page 27, you can apply for HAAD RN provided you graduated from 3 years study duration in "Nursing" from accredited program, in which you say you have 3 1/2 years.
    If you pass the exam -it has no expiry. You can apply for dataflow if you have a work experience in Medical-Surgical for at least 2years. If you have obtained the dataflow, then you're on the final stage of license issuance provided you have already a sponsoring facility.

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