Expat nursing in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia?

  1. What are the requirements for becoming a nurse in Malaysia? I am an American, my wife is from Malaysia (KL to be exact) and she would like to return there someday. I am an LPN and I am working on my BSN. I am considering applying in the future to a hospital that serves the expat community in KL, such as Gleneagles or a similar facility. I have no problem with cultures etc. - I have spent a lot of time there already and I love the country and it's people plus most of my adopted family of inlaws lives there. But I'm not familiar with the hospital system or nursing profession in Malaysia. Any info or advice will be helpful. Thanks!
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  3. by   cilla835
    Hello..may I ask what is your qualification as LPN?..The generall requirements to be a Staff Nurse in malaysia is to have either a Diploma in Nursing or a Degree in nursing. We also have to passed the Malaysia Board of Nursing exam.