1. Hi everyone does anyone knows what kind of question they usually ask in DOHM exam for nurse?

    hi everyone I just applied for the DOHM nursing license in Dubai
    I know it involves an oral exam, does anyone one know what kind of questions do they ask? what books I can read for reference? I would highly appreciate whatever help me guys..... thank you so much in advance ....................................
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  3. by   amnaj
    Based on my previous experience,your area of expertise may influence the questions but basically, they may ask anything..If you are fully equipped with your nursing knowledge,there shouldnt be much problem.Only be truthful,even if you dont know some answers.I did not find it hard at all.Anyway good luck to you.:wink2:
  4. by   ShanRN07
    How do you go about setting up for this exam? Do you have to be in Dubai with a job lined up? I am having a difficult time finding information on this and I plan to be in Dubai in the end of Sept and would like to do this exam then. Thanks for the info!
  5. by   amnaj
    Shan, you need to be physically in Dubai on a visa(visit), then submit your papers to the hospital of your choice, (we have rashid hospital, dubai hospital ,Alwasl hospital and Phc`s) or visit the head quaters which is off al maktoum bridge near rashid hospital, so basically both can do,the recruiting officers will assess your credentials and advise you accordingly.If you are selected for an interview,it is usually oral.
    I guess this will help.
  6. by   ShanRN07
    So I am actually going to be in Dubai from Sept 16 to Oct 7. My plan was to go to the different hospitals and get a job. These recruiters you speak of....they are at the hospitals? And the papers are the general requirements copy of passport, picture, CV, copy of registration from originating country, etc? Or should I set up for an assessment with the DOHMS, get an assessment interview with them and then try to get a job?
  7. by   laila A.
    can you give us at least few samples of questions you went through in the exam...
  8. by   yelncruise
    mine is all about MI!
  9. by   robert0
    How long does it take to have documents attested at the ministry of foreign affairs in the UAE?
    My parents live in Sharjah, but I intend to take the DHA assessment.
  10. by   Lorelle
    Hey guys! I know everyone says its not that hard an exam but can anyone who has gone thru this exam kinda tell us where we can get some model papers of the doh exam ... or at least tell us what kind of questions they ask i know its about general nursing stuff...but examples will be more helpful... thanks
  11. by   robert0
    I hear the Dubai Health Authority/DOHMS assesses candidates orally? Is there a written examination before or after the oral assessment? Please let me know. I'm leaving by the end of this month.
  12. by   juZhan27
    Hi every one

    I just want to know the steps/process on how to get a DOHM exam, I am currently residing at Abu Dhabi.. Thanks
  13. by   chichi85
    hi guys!! i,m a nursing planning to go to Dubai to find a job DOH exam difficult?,,
    do they required a 2 years experience in a hospital when u applied 4 DOH exam?
    if i will aplied in a dental i still have to take the DOH exam..and how much it cost me to take the DOH exam?thanks
  14. by   yelncruise
    even if you wanted to work in a dental clinic you should still have a license to practice here because dha is always checking hospitals,medical centers and clinics if they caught you working w/o license you know what will happen..and all this employers will not hire you w/o license also. go to dubai health authority website for more info