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Hi everyone does anyone knows what kind of question they usually ask in DOHM exam for nurse? hi everyone I just applied for the DOHM nursing license in Dubai I know it involves an oral exam, does anyone one know what kind of... Read More

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    Quote from niteowlrn29
    Hi Alex,

    yes that is correct about dubai they will not even consider us with an associate degreee. the nurse recruiter said she would love to but since they follow DOH regulations it is out of there hands. however, i do believe we can work in the emeriate of abu dhaubi. it is about an hour away. from what it looks like all we have to do is to take another exam like the nclex and once we pass it we can apply for jobs in abu dhabi. here is the link. from what i have read from other threads on here its easier than the nclex.... no pick all that apply yippie!! so anyways all the info i have so far. so when did you graduate? how long have you been working? i too am fairly new, i will be working for 2 years in aug. so if i do decide to move it probably wont be until then. but OMG i loved it over there. and abu dhabi is only an hour away from dubai. if you find out any more info please share it as well. hope this helps.
    Hi, niteowlrn29!

    Thanks for all the info. Glad to hear that we have a chance at abu dhabi... not as ideal as dubai, but close. :-) earned my license late last year, so if HAAD is similar to NCLEX, I guess I can still make use of the remnants of all that studying hehehe.

    Sure, I will share whatever information I get. :-)

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    hi! i am new here in registered because i think people here can help me with my queries..i am scheduled to take my DOH exam this april..and my line is in pediatrics..does anyone know what topics they might ask me? thank you so much!! please do help me!! =)
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    Quote from amnaj
    Shan, you need to be physically in Dubai on a visa(visit), then submit your papers to the hospital of your choice, (we have rashid hospital, dubai hospital ,Alwasl hospital and Phc`s) or visit the head quaters which is off al maktoum bridge near rashid hospital, so basically both can do,the recruiting officers will assess your credentials and advise you accordingly.If you are selected for an interview,it is usually oral.
    I guess this will help.
    HI, im new here. I've read amnaj's reply to ShanRN07, i understand that i have to be in Dubai, submit papers, and wait for an interview. My question is what if you lack experience, would you still be able to work? and regarding the Papers, what exactly do they need? Thanks! =)
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    sorry for the redundant posts... just new here.
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    Hi... I am a RN here in the philippines and iM planning to go to Dubai... I graduated last 2009 and passed the Nursing Licensure Exam last 2009. I worked as a Company Nurse for 5 months and worked as a Nurse in a Hospital for 4 months,,, I would like to ask if I can take the DOH exam? I have read the article saying:***DOH and HAAD should be taken if you have enough hospital experience (usually not less than 2 years). Exempted to the rule for DOH are newly nursing graduates - no more than 3 years***
    Is it true? So, if this is true..Can I really take the DOH exam? pls reply..
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    Quote from yelncruise
    you should have a valid license in phils and i think even new grads can take the exam as long as you have atleast 450 working hours from the hosp. only RN exams they are giving so once you passed you will work as a RN. only here in dubai DHA exam can be obtained, unlike MOH exam ive heared they are giving it already there in manila.

    Is that really true 450 hours experience is the requirement to take the MOH? or DOH?(pls specify) for fresh graduate nurses? im really interested.
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    hi everyone, i will be at dubai by the end of this month. planning to take the dohms exam. a friend told me its better to apply first to the hospital of choice then the hospital will sponsor the dohms license. i had 2.4yrs of experience in a tertiary hospital in the phil. i hope to find a job soon.
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    hi.. can i take doh exam without any hospital experience?? im so confused.. your rply will be very much appreciated.. need it badly... Godbless
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    hi.i have an interview as soon.could you please tell me which questions will be asked..
    actually my last experience is working 2 years in clinic.
    i am waiting for your good reply.
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    Quote from mahnaz_53
    hi.i have an interview as soon.could you please tell me which questions will be asked..
    actually my last experience is working 2 years in clinic.
    i am waiting for your good reply.
    wow! goodluck in your interview. let me know how it goes, please i am planning to apply for the exam soon, just came here in Dubai.

    may i ask how did you apply for exam? through online? is it oral interview or written exams?

    your help will be greatly appreciated..thanks

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