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Hi everyone does anyone knows what kind of question they usually ask in DOHM exam for nurse? hi everyone I just applied for the DOHM nursing license in Dubai I know it involves an oral exam, does anyone one know what kind of... Read More

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    thanks 4 the reply yelncruise!!
    what exam should i take to have a DAH license?what if i passed the they qualify me to work as a nursing assistant in a hospital in dubai?or do they really need a 2 years experience in a hospital?
    can i take the exam in manila?thanks and Godbless!!

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    you should have a valid license in phils and i think even new grads can take the exam as long as you have atleast 450 working hours from the hosp. only RN exams they are giving so once you passed you will work as a RN. only here in dubai DHA exam can be obtained, unlike MOH exam ive heared they are giving it already there in manila.
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    thanks yelncruise!!
    do they consider 2 yrs volunteer as 450 working hours?i have a prc license.if i will aply personally in hospitals in they accept my aplication?or i have to take n passed first the DAH or MOH exam b4 aplying on any hospital in dubai?thank..thankss!!
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    Quote from niteowlrn29
    hi i just returned from dubai yesterday and was looking for work over there. i am a rn in the usa. i have family who lives over there and i went for a visit there. and i just fell in love with the city. but for me, i found out i cannot work in dubai because i have only my associate degree. they require a 3 year diploma (which is something the uk gets i guess) or a 4 year bsn. however i hear that different emeriates follow different guidelines. i may be able to work in abu dhaubi. it looks so far all i would have to do is to take the haad test and then i could start applying for jobs there. i am very interested in relocating there. if anyone else has more info i would love to know. thanks in advance.
    hi...just wanted to ask if u have an idea on how much does an american nurse make in dubai or ksa? thanks!
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    im sori but i dont know...
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    @ chichi85
    im not sure about that its better if you will send an email to them directly regarding your inquiries,because they just change all their rules last year i think they're giving an option to those expatriate nurses who just graduated!you can try applying to the hospitals here in dubai but most of them requires 2-3 years exp. if they hire you they can process your RN application to DHA or if you want you can take the exam w/o any sponsors anymore.
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    @ USnurse1611
    they need western trained nurses here specially americans to train and share their knowledge here in dubai but only those who are certified and qualified. from what i heared they are giving 25k AED ( just compute that in dollars)
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    Hi im interested to work in dubai..i passed the philippine nursing board dec of 2006..i was not able to work immediately after i got my licensed..i started to gain hospital experience last january 2009 - june 2009 as a volunteer nurse in a secondary hospital.since then i am jobless again..i am awaiting for my schedule of another volunteer work in a tertiary hospital this coming will only be for 3 months because that is a hospital's policy for volunteer nurses..its very difficult to be employed as a regular staff nurse in the phils because of the overwhelming number of shifting my plan to try my luck in dubai...i dont know where to start and what to do in order to work as a nurse in dubai..please help me gain information...thank you so much...
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    Quote from niteowlrn29
    Hi I just returned from Dubai yesterday and was looking for work over there. I am a RN in the USA. I have family who lives over there and I went for a visit there. And I just fell in love with the city. But for me, I found out I cannot work in Dubai because I have only my associate degree. they require a 3 year diploma (which is something the UK gets i guess) or a 4 year BSN. However i hear that different Emeriates follow different guidelines. I may be able to work in Abu Dhaubi. It looks so far all i would have to do is to take the HAAD test and then i could start applying for jobs there. I am VERY interested in relocating there. If anyone else has more info I would love to know. thanks in advance.
    Hi niteowlrn29!

    I am in the same situation as you are -- I have an American Associate Degree in Nursing and currently hold a US RN license. Unfortunately, since I earned my license just very recently, I have no work experience yet. Anyway, I am also looking at the possibility of working in UAE, preferably in Dubai, or in Saudi/ Qatar.

    I have read from different threads that, as a rule, to be able to practice in Dubai, one has to pass the DOH (similar to NCLEX). So, I assume that when the recruiter from the Dubai Hospital turned you down, that was because we couldn't even sit for DOH using our ADN. Is this correct? I hope not... Hayyy... This is really sad... *sigh*

    Anyway, when you find out about the other areas in UAE that would recognize our Associate Degree, please please let me know. I would truly appreciate it. Thanks in advance!
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    Hi Alex,

    yes that is correct about dubai they will not even consider us with an associate degreee. the nurse recruiter said she would love to but since they follow DOH regulations it is out of there hands. however, i do believe we can work in the emeriate of abu dhaubi. it is about an hour away. from what it looks like all we have to do is to take another exam like the nclex and once we pass it we can apply for jobs in abu dhabi. here is the link. from what i have read from other threads on here its easier than the nclex.... no pick all that apply yippie!! so anyways all the info i have so far. so when did you graduate? how long have you been working? i too am fairly new, i will be working for 2 years in aug. so if i do decide to move it probably wont be until then. but OMG i loved it over there. and abu dhabi is only an hour away from dubai. if you find out any more info please share it as well. hope this helps.

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