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Hi everyone does anyone knows what kind of question they usually ask in DOHM exam for nurse? hi everyone I just applied for the DOHM nursing license in Dubai I know it involves an oral exam, does anyone one know what kind of... Read More

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    Hi every one

    I just want to know the steps/process on how to get a DOHM exam, I am currently residing at Abu Dhabi.. Thanks

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    hi guys!! i,m a nursing planning to go to Dubai to find a job DOH exam difficult?,,
    do they required a 2 years experience in a hospital when u applied 4 DOH exam?
    if i will aplied in a dental i still have to take the DOH exam..and how much it cost me to take the DOH exam?thanks
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    even if you wanted to work in a dental clinic you should still have a license to practice here because dha is always checking hospitals,medical centers and clinics if they caught you working w/o license you know what will happen..and all this employers will not hire you w/o license also. go to dubai health authority website for more info
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    do you mean the prc license here in the philippines?or the MOH/DOH license?
    i am a registered nurse..
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    are you currently working in dubai yelncruise?
    is 2 years volunteer certificate qualified in hospitals in dubai?or do they need 2 years Staff certificate?thanks
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    Hi I just returned from Dubai yesterday and was looking for work over there. I am a RN in the USA. I have family who lives over there and I went for a visit there. And I just fell in love with the city. But for me, I found out I cannot work in Dubai because I have only my associate degree. they require a 3 year diploma (which is something the UK gets i guess) or a 4 year BSN. However i hear that different Emeriates follow different guidelines. I may be able to work in Abu Dhaubi. It looks so far all i would have to do is to take the HAAD test and then i could start applying for jobs there. I am VERY interested in relocating there. If anyone else has more info I would love to know. thanks in advance.
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    @ niteowlrn
    i think before u left dubai you should visit dubai health authority for more info.because in my workplace there are nurses from india which are assistant nurses only.i think they will reconsider you!you can check ther websites as well or try sending your cv to american hosp. dubai
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    @ carissa1185
    volunteer experience doesnt count as an experience at all they will just consider it as a training background. yup! i currently work here!there are 3 hospitals near my area that are going to open so i think they will probably requiring nurses to work for them. regarding your question about the license you should have a DHA license as a RN here.
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    hi yelncruise,
    thank you for your reply. i actually did send in my CV and spoke with a nurse recruiter at the Dubia American Hospital. she said they follow the guidelines of the Authority of Health and they are the ones who require the 3 or 4 year degree. she said she would love to hire more americans being an american hospital but couldn't because of my associates degree.
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    oh! well i guess they change their rules!but i think you can try MOH/HAAD instead because 2 years ago all british/american citizens are exempted for the exam. because i try to inquire if im excuse for the exam because i have a US license and they said no!

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