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Hello has anyone here happen to know Dallah Hospital or has anyone here knew someone who worked at this Hospital? We're Selected to work there by the hospital Directress and she offered us the... Read More

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    hey zhol, already sent a friend request on FB.

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    Quote from losiram
    hello linglou...have you been scheduled for PDOS?... i called ms.**** lately and told me that they are waiting for the advised of dallah...did you finished your requirements??? im still working on my requirements...
    hi.. i wanna ask what room of tci did you pass your application for dallah hospital? im confused because when i called tci, the one who answered the phone told me that they do not handle the applicants for dallah hospital..then i realized, tci have several agents and rooms...so i asked her, to whom should i speak to regarding the hiring for dallah hospital. And she answered me she doesn't know. I sensed that she doesn't want to help me regarding that matter. Can anybody give me some info? im confused about the tci agency..
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    what?? pls look for another hospital samrthing with the agency.. yuo will be miserable here, there's no annual leave, you will have annual leave if you already finish your two year contract, if you will go on vacation all will be on your expense, were like zombies here.. not well compensated, plus super understaff,.. 6 days a week for 12 hour 1 day off from night then morning again.
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    look for another agancy and anothr hospital.. not here in dallah.. plssssssssssssssss..
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    please look for another agency, TCI takes a lot of money, u pay there plus u will be deducted again 2000 riyals when u get here..u will also have fake OEC, not name after Dallah Hospital but instead another name because they cannot get one coz Dalalh Hospital is banned in POEA.
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    nicunurse23..really?i thought Dallah is a JCI accredited hospital? i'm also planning to pursue my application there. my agency is American Prime Manpower services. i'm still thinking which is way better saad or dallah..
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    just read your comment... i suggest that you go somewhere else... not in dallah... i've been here for quite sometime & things has not been good lately... i could not say this hospital is better because it was never good... nicunurse23 is right.... this place takes the best out of you but you will never have the best out of them... if you are still young & planning to have a good professional experience, think of somewhere else... me, personally, just want to get out of here....
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    whaatt?? really?? 12hrs a day 6days a week?? is this true???? my mom recommend me to go there.. there are jcia accrediated already should be following the 40hrs. per week... please confirm.. thanks... how to hear from all of you guys....

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