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Hello has anyone here happen to know Dallah Hospital or has anyone here knew someone who worked at this Hospital? We're Selected to work there by the hospital Directress and she offered us the... Read More

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    just read your comment... i suggest that you go somewhere else... not in dallah... i've been here for quite sometime & things has not been good lately... i could not say this hospital is better because it was never good... nicunurse23 is right.... this place takes the best out of you but you will never have the best out of them... if you are still young & planning to have a good professional experience, think of somewhere else... me, personally, just want to get out of here....
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    whaatt?? really?? 12hrs a day 6days a week?? is this true???? my mom recommend me to go there.. there are jcia accrediated already should be following the 40hrs. per week... please confirm.. thanks... how to hear from all of you guys....

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