"practical nursing training" in an Italian study

  1. Thanks in advance for your assistance. I'm reading an Italian study re needlestick injuries. It was conducted by questionnaires distributed to 2000+ university nursing students. The article refers to "practical nursing training." In the US, a Practical Nurse has 1 year of formal training, while a Registered Nurse at the university level has three years of training. I was thinking that "university program" in Italy was equivalent to "university program" in the US. Can someone clarify that for me?

    thank you!
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  3. by   icecool
    hello nrcnurse

    I'm an Italian nurse that actually is working in UK but i'd my training in Italy.

    To become a nurse in Italy you must do 3 years in university(undergraduate) and after that you can do 2 more years(like a postgraduate), but we can work after the first three years and a national board examination exam. The Licensed Practical Nurse in Italy it's called OSSS(operatore Socio Sanitario Specializzato) and the course last one year.

    Personally i think that there was an error on the translation and the meaning of "practical nursing training" is "the training that the student nurses have done in the ward" also because you are talking about questionnaires distributed to 2000+ university nursing students!

    If you have any question just ask
  4. by   nrcnurse
    Thank you, icecool.

    I appreciate your quick response to my question. You've been a big help!

  5. by   johnpaul.it
    Can I volunteer as nurse in italy while preparing for the exam every december in rome? Im registered nurse in the Philippines. Please reply if someone has an idea. Thanks!

    This site is bery helpful to all nurses all around the world. Goodluck to all of us.
  6. by   XavierAllarey
    hello! just want to ask on how did you apply for the italian nursing board exam here in italy? i'm new here and i really don't know where to start. i went to different institutions here like philippine consulate in milan but they can't give any information. if you know the process on how to be a nurse here i hope you can tell me. here's my email "allareydanver@yahoo.com" and my viber number "+393892055539. i'm also a registered nurse in the Philippines.<br>Thank you so much and God bless =)
  7. by   mistirdonat
    been told that the italian nursing board exam in italy is UNREAL.

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