UW Oshkosh Accelerated Nursing October 2013 Cohort

  1. Hello,

    Has anyone out there applied to the October 2013 cohort? I just completed my email interview today and am looking to speak with others about what's next.
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  3. by   Undsnow
    Hi there! I also applied to the October 2013 cohort. Next step is the phone interview. I got offered a phone interview about 2 weeks after the email interview, so I'm guessing you can expect about 2 weeks of waiting! Are you from WI area? I'll be graduating with my first degree (psychology) in May from University of North Dakota, and will be moving back to my hometown-rural northern MN-upon graduation.
  4. by   worknowplaylater
    Oh wow..when was your email interview? and how was the phone interview? I live in Milwaukee, WI.
  5. by   Undsnow
    I had my email interview late February. The only thing I didn't like about the phone interview was that there was no facial reactions. But they were very friendly and they made it very unintimidating. Do you have a pretty strong app? I don't have much CNA experience, so that worries.
  6. by   worknowplaylater
    Yeah thats what most people seem to say about the phone interview and that you dont get any feedback. I'm in the same boat as you. I am actually going to take the CNA course in April, but I have been volunteering at a pediatric clinic since October of last year where I have learned how to take vitals, room patients and so forth. I mentioned this in my application so I am hoping they will not hold my lack of experience as a CNA against me.
  7. by   ckaxen07
    I just had my email interview! I'm just waiting to hear back for a phone interview!
  8. by   Undsnow
    Welcome!! I bet it felt good to cross the email interview off the list! Are you from WI area?
  9. by   ckaxen07
    No I'm from Oregon. and I have my phone interview this Wednesday!
  10. by   Undsnow
    Oh wow, Oregon! And Congrats on the phone interview!! How do you feel it went? Do you have a lot of CNA experience?
  11. by   ckaxen07
    I think it went really well. Now the waiting game. and I have almost 4 years of cna experience
  12. by   skigal
    Hello! I thought I would join in since I just had my phone interview today (and I also am from Oregon, ckaxen07). I didn't do my email interview until last Friday (March 29). On Monday (April 1), I received an email from Becky about phone interviews being done on the 3rd, so I replied that I was available during the specified time frame. She confirmed that time frame for me on Tuesday and I was nervously awaiting my phone call earlier today! It was a huge relief to get that over with. I felt like I did well, and they were very friendly. I don't have CNA experience, so that does worry me, but I was a Medic/EMT in the Army years ago and have patient care experience from that which I am hoping will help me. I have taken my CNA course and am beginning to look for part time employment at care facilities and plan to work until the program starts (if I am accepted). I am keeping my fingers crossed! This is my absolute first choice and I am so eager to begin my nursing education!
  13. by   Undsnow
    Congrats on getting a phone interview skigal!! They sure scheduled it quick after your email interview! Probably a good sign I assuming they'll count your emt experience as the desired CNA experience, so you're probably good there! When I had my phone interview, they said they might be a couple weeks early with their admission decisions...did they give any clue as to how many phone interviews they grant/how many they have left? Soo nerve-racking!
  14. by   skigal
    Hi Undsnow - they didn't give any clues about how many phone interviews they grant or had left, but they did also tell me they may wrap it up earlier than May 31. Let's hope they really do get done early because the wait is agonizing! I'm not going to get too excited because I know from all the other posts I've read on here that they really emphasize the CNA experience. I did tell them I was seeking employment and planned to work up until the program start though. I just tell myself that what will be, will be. I have done all I can and now it's out of my hands!