UW Oshkosh Accelerated Nursing October 2013 Cohort

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    Has anyone out there applied to the October 2013 cohort? I just completed my email interview today and am looking to speak with others about what's next.

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    Hi there! I also applied to the October 2013 cohort. Next step is the phone interview. I got offered a phone interview about 2 weeks after the email interview, so I'm guessing you can expect about 2 weeks of waiting! Are you from WI area? I'll be graduating with my first degree (psychology) in May from University of North Dakota, and will be moving back to my hometown-rural northern MN-upon graduation.
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    Oh wow..when was your email interview? and how was the phone interview? I live in Milwaukee, WI.
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    I had my email interview late February. The only thing I didn't like about the phone interview was that there was no facial reactions. But they were very friendly and they made it very unintimidating. Do you have a pretty strong app? I don't have much CNA experience, so that worries.
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    Yeah thats what most people seem to say about the phone interview and that you dont get any feedback. I'm in the same boat as you. I am actually going to take the CNA course in April, but I have been volunteering at a pediatric clinic since October of last year where I have learned how to take vitals, room patients and so forth. I mentioned this in my application so I am hoping they will not hold my lack of experience as a CNA against me.
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    I just had my email interview! I'm just waiting to hear back for a phone interview!
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    Welcome!! I bet it felt good to cross the email interview off the list! Are you from WI area?
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    No I'm from Oregon. and I have my phone interview this Wednesday!
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    Oh wow, Oregon! And Congrats on the phone interview!! How do you feel it went? Do you have a lot of CNA experience?
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    I think it went really well. Now the waiting game. and I have almost 4 years of cna experience

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