UW Madison nurse residency 2017 and 2018

  1. Hi! I've recently been invited to an in-person interview for the university of wisconsin's Nurse residency program and their hospital and noticed that our cohort didn't have an allnurses page yet! Will anyone else be there on Friday for an interview?? Would love to hear
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  3. by   Ampharos
    I applied and was invited to interview as well!
  4. by   dontevenknow
    Awesome!! Do you know how many people were invited versus how many will get hired? The unit I'm interviewing for wasn't my top choice so I'm not sure how they're doing things @ampharos
  5. by   Ampharos
    That's a great question I wish I would have thought to ask today! I'm not sure how many people they interview, but it seemed today quite a few people were there. I think one of the recent graduates said that their cohort had 39 people in it.
  6. by   dontevenknow
    Good to know! I hope we both get offers lol. I'm still waiting to hear back. Good luck!