Recommended Nursing Staff Agencies in Madison?

  1. Hi! I am planning on moving to Madison, and it looks like the best way to enter into a nursing job there might be through a staffing agency. Does anyone have recommendations on nurse staff agencies out there?
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  3. by   farmerRN
    I have worked for Medical Staffing Network (MSN) in the past and still keep in touch with the company. I have not worked out of the Madison office...but the branch manager worked at another MSN office that was close to my home. Never had any issues with pay or hourse and they did back me up when I ended up in a bit of a not so good work situation.

    With that, the Madison market right now is pretty locked up tight. I am not sure of your speciality, but work as an agency nurse is not very feasible right now. I am an ER nurse, and that is what I am experiencing...might be a bit different for other specialities. UW Hospital has had a freeze on for almost a year and a half, and they always use to have a ton of nursing jobs open. Mertier and St. Mary's have a few openings, but nothing like they use too. There is a nursing glut in the state. If you are looking for agency work, the Milwaukee market would be a better choice, but even that is feast or famine, and it is a bit of a famine out there. Sorry to be a gloomy gus, but that is the reality right now in the state.
  4. by   gsands
    I looked up this post because I am a new grad in Madison and agency work was going to be my next place to look. The market is really tight unless you can drive to janesville's new hospital. I have an LPN job but they are not looking at me because I got an ADN. My facility is very hesitant to take anything but a BSN now because it is magnet. Lots of hard work went into getting my degree and it is easy to get discouraged. Thanks to all who post for us.