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Dear prior Floridians, I am graduating with an AS next month, and our family has intent to move to Wisconsin as soon as possible afterwards. Today I visited the WI DRL website, and have questions about endorsement you all may... Read More

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    So I should take the boards after I complete school in Florida and then move to Wisconsin and as long as I pass I will not have to take another test, Right? Then is there a process to get my license transfered from Florida to Wisconsin?

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    How you prefer to do it would be up to you. All I had to do when I transferred from Texas to Wisconsin was fill out the application for license and certifiy that I didn't have any disciplinary action pending. That was in 1995, so things may have changed like the forms you use, but the excerpt that I post is directly from the Wisconsin Department of Regulation and Licensing, so it doesn't look like the requirements have changed any.

    Good luck and welcome to a wonderful state.
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    I posted here awhile back and am doing so again because my graduation is getting closer, Dec 2009, and I guess I am still not clear on the best way to go about moving to WI right after graduation and getting my license at the same time.

    I would like to graduate and then apply ASAP to take the NCLEX in Wisconsin.

    I understand that one possibility would be that I take the test here in Florida and then have the license transferred to WI but I'd have to pay to tansfer it. If I can just go ahead and take it in Wisconsin, that would be cheaper so that would be my choice as long as I wouldn't hit any roadblocks.

    Secondly I have heard that the test may be easier in some states than in others and/or the score needed to pass may be differant in differant states.....anybody have any insight on Wisconsin and/or Florida?

    Thanks for your time and sorry to bring this all up again. I just don't want to be confused on such an important step in my life. I have looked at the website with the requirements for Wisconsin, but I still am not clear.
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    As for me, I just got my LPN license in Florida. Wants to have reciprocity to Wisconsin, since most of my family leaves in Wisconsin. I saw on thread that somebody from Texas did it but then again Texas and Wisconsin are both part of Compact States. Florida on the other hand is not. Can somebody please help me on this?

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