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Hello, I really want to start a nursing program as soon as I can. My youngest will be starting kindergarten in the fall, so I'm ready to get my career started. I am planning to work as a CNA... Read More

  1. by   clearblue3
    Thanks SO much for your quick reply and lots of info! So...I am guessing that the clinicals are spread throughout the program right? I am confused on the AM/PM groups. If you were in the PM group were classes or clinicals in the afternoon/evening or both? Also were other prereq's like the speech/comp, electives etc. worked into the program? I have all that done so I am wondering if that will help me out. Was it difficult to get in? Thanks again!!
  2. by   em7008019
    I transferred in a bunch of classes. I will indicate them below in the course sequence I found from when I went through the program. Anything you can transfer in will make life much easier because there are some though classes that a together. I had no problems but I had some friends who really struggled, especially taking Pharm & Body structure together and Med/Surg & A&P together. I will also indicate the day the classes fell on (if I can find them) to give you an idea.

    As far as AM / PM goes there are two groups of 24 students that go through at the same time. When you enroll you either choose AM which is classroom from 730a-1130a with clinical during first shift hours or PM with classroom from 1230p-430p and clinical during second shift hours. The only way you are allowed to go in to the other section is of someone will trade with you.

    Course Sequence for 2008 Graduates

    July ‘06
    Computer Applications
    Intro to Psych (transfer)
    Student Success (transfer)

    Sept ‘06
    Body Structure (transfer)
    Nov ‘06
    Fundamentals of Nursing
    Comp I (transfer)

    Jan ‘07
    Clinical I (LTC)
    Life Spans
    Mar ‘07
    Career Development (transfer)
    May ‘07
    Clinical II (Med/Surg I)
    July ‘07
    A & P (transfer)
    Med/Surg Nursing
    Critical Thinking (online)

    Sept ‘07
    Mental Health & Community
    Speech (transfer)
    Microbiology (transfer)

    Nov ‘07
    Clinical III (Med/Surg II)
    Nursing Managment
    Jan ‘08
    Clinical IV (OB/Psych)
    Cultural Diversity (online)
    Mar ‘08
    Clinical Internship

    The classes I took online were thru Herzing and I took them during other terms where my course load was easier. I think I took cultural diversity July ’06 and Critical thinking Nov ’06.

    Hope this gives you a good idea. If you have all the classes I did then the program really isn’t that tough. Most of the time you only have one “class” to concentrate on. Clinicals are mostly showing up and you have to write a care plan. Some small assignments, but nothing like the amount of time you’ll spend doing things for the classroom courses.

    If you have any other questions let me know.
  3. by   allrn
    I am a recent graduate from the nursing program at Herzing University-Madison, and I can tell you that at first it was pretty rough (very unorganized-there had been some position changes prior). They got it together fast...I feel like I got a thorough education, and had some amazing clinicals! It is pretty exspensive, but I got in and out and can now say that I have an RN behind my name Graduated in May, took the nclex in June, Passed at 75 questions (phew!), and have a job! ......I will even say that at one clinical one of the nurses said she loved it when the Herzing students were there because we worked hard, and "actually did work!" compared to the other schools they have come in.