How's the job market there in Wisconsin? - page 2

I'm in Chicago and going to be graduating soon, and I've found out some of the area hospitals have hiring freezes. I've also heard that these freezes may be ended by the summer, but in case they aren't I was thinking about... Read More

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    Can anyone give me some information on All Saints in Racine. How do you like working there? What made you choose that particular hospital?


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    Just a reminder to watch the dates that many of the responses were written It is not 2009 anymore and things have changed. I'd be interested in All Saints as well as Kenosha. Personally, I've given up on Milwaukee and am expanding my commuting circle.
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    As a former all saints employee I can honestly say I would NEVER go back! Currently I am working for aurora and have several friends trying to make the switch as well...

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