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I just got an offer at Froedtert for the RN new grad program. Does anyone work there / have any opinions of working there? Thanks!!... Read More

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    7/70 is 7 days straight working 10 hours a day. The link below have more info on their scheduling.

    Since you're still in school, it's a good idea to apply for their new grad intern positions as close to graduation as possible. It is very difficult now getting hired for their regular staff positions with no RN experience.

    Quote from Skindigo
    I'm in school so I'm not too familiar with nursing schedules. Can someone explain what the 7/70 means? I assume it is 70 hours in 7 shifts in a row. Then you have a whole week off?

    Is that the only way Froedtert schedules? I've heard good things about the hospital.

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    Thanks so much. That link was very informative.
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    New grad positions? Times have changed. I just talked to nurse recruiter and she said since it was a competive market that I should only apply for med surg positions that dont require any experience...i asked if there was any and she told me to keep checking ( not at this time) but the kicker was...i cant even work as a CNA to get my foot in the door at that hospital--its too much liablity for the hospital for me to work as a cna with a RN license. Talk about a double-edge sword. So, hospital new grad jobs are far and few. Other avenues are the only opertoonites.

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