Edgewood College Post-Baccalaureate Accelerated Program

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    Has anyone applied or is planning to apply to Edgewood College's accelerated program 2012-2013? Or is there anyone who has already completed the program? I was curious about any feedback you could provide and if you were aware of how many people apply each year?

    Thank you

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    Hi! I applied! Kind of late, but when I submitted, they were still accepting apps. I actually just sent in my supplemental questionnaire today.

    Did you end up applying?
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    Ya I applied for the first cycle. I got my acceptance letter on Feb 15! I am so excited! I was hoping someone would have some feedback on here but it doesnt seem to be a popular program. Let me know if you get accepted
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    I will let you know. Do you live in Wisconsin?
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    Ya, I live in Madison. Where do you live?
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    I'm in California! did you interview and a do a writing sample before you were offered admission?
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    No, the advisor told me that they had so many applicants that they eliminated the interview and writing sample. The questionnaire is the last step. In my questionnaire they told me the date I would find out if I was accepted.
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    Well that's nice to know since I'm out of state! Well Q said in the email a week or two..tomorrow will be a week so we shall see.

    How do you like living in Madison? How cold does it actually get in the winter? LOL.
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    I really like it here but Ive lived here most of my life. It is very cold in the winter, although this winter has been mild. If you decide to come here prepare yourself lol
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    No kidding. Total weather shock, although I am done with our boring so cal. weather! Seasons sound great!!

    Well I emailed the school today and found out they are on spring break and that won't probably hear anything until first of April

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