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Has anyone applied or is planning to apply to Edgewood College's accelerated program 2012-2013? Or is there anyone who has already completed the program? I was curious about any feedback you could provide and if you were aware of... Read More

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    Hey, I was wondering if you know how much newly graduated RN's make in the Madison area? Also, how's the cost of living there?

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    Im not sure how much new graduates are making. Madison is has not been affected by the economy as much as other states in the US. So the cost of living is not as cheap as other places.
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    Thanks. I was accepted so we are planning to try and make this happen. Just a hefty price tag...someone at the school told me she would feel confident saying new grads make at least $50K.
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    Congrats on your acceptance! Ya its expensive but I know that it will be worth it! If you are attending and when you get here let me know...it would be great to meet someone before we get started
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    Hey alrn25 and carshell,

    I just saw your posts. I am also accepted for Edgewood's ABSN program for Fall 2012-2013, in February. I was busy with finishing up my prereqs...! Congratulations to both of you!!

    Have you guys had a chance to meet/talk to anyone who attended this program earlier....would love to know some information !!

    Nice to come across your posts!!!
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    Hi hema1255,

    Congratulations on your acceptance! I have not meet anyone who has completed the program yet. All I have heard is that the program is intense and everyone in the program typically does well (compared to the traditional program). If I hear anything before August I will be sure to post.

    Do you live in Madison??
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    I just checked allnurses today and saw your message from April! Im soo sorry that I missed you! Have you decided to accept the offer? I would have messaged you privately but it wont let me.....if you send me your email, I will email you all my information. I would love to get together once you move
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    I am just wondering how all of you are planning on paying for the program. I am looking to apply for the next cycle, but am unsure as to how to pay for it. On the website it says that post-bacc can only get awarded $12500 PER YEAR. I just don't want to get too excited about the program and realize their are no mean to borrow for it.

    thanks so much for any input!!


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