Can a Diploma RN get a job in WI?? Can a Diploma RN get a job in WI?? | allnurses

Can a Diploma RN get a job in WI??

  1. 0 Seriously considering moving to Milwaukee/Waukasha area so.....

    What a Diploma RN is: Entry into Practice: Diploma Programs for Registered Nursing

    In the Northeast there are still lots of hospital-based Diploma programs though there are more and more positions requiring at least an ADN and/or a BSN.

    I have a BS degree in something else so I am going to get my BSN fairly quickly since I have all of the General Education credits but I want to work as an RN while going to school and would like to move to WI as soon as I graduate. I've worked at a large urban hospital as a nursing assistant for two years while doing General Biology, Microbiology, A & P I and II, Human Growth and Development and Diversity in Healthcare and still do.

    Can someone with a Diploma get an RN job in WI, specifically in Milwaukee/Waukesha??

    Thanks so much!!
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    Likely without experience you wouldn't get hired over a ADN or BSN nurse. Even many of the new grads are having problems finding places hiring new grads.
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    You Can get hired. However, like the above poster said with so many ADN and BSN new grads out there it would be much harder for you to find a job. However your experience working in a hospital and having a previous degree may definitely help you!