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I have an appointment next week, they dont have a lot on their web page as far as nursing entrance exams, what the schedule is like and how many people are accepted into the program. Any info. would be appreciated. Did you... Read More

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    What is the cost for the program?What are the hours like?...thanks.

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    It is about $500/credit, books for the classes you can order through their "bookstore" but I get mine from for a cheaper price. The program is 72 rough math it would be $36,000 for the whole program outta pocket without any financial aid. Finanical aid has helped me greatly with keeping outta pocket and private loans low. It is not cheap but it is an ACCELERATED ADN program at a PRIVATE college.

    Umm for what the hours are like. Well for example I'm in final semester and will be in class for theory on Wed from 11am-6:15pm. So I am going to be at school for about 7 hrs but all my theory classes will be done on one day. They have tried to keep most of the theory nursing classes on the same day. It depends on what semster your in. Gen Ed classes are up to what ever is available and at all times of the day and week.

    Clinicals are AM or PM. AM is 6am-2:30pm. PM is 2:30pm-11pm. Exact times are up to the instructor.
    Fundamentals is 1 day/week for whole semester
    OB is 1 day/week for whole semester
    Peds is 1 day/week for half the semester (OB/Peds is together as a class)
    Med/Surg 1 is 2 day/week for the semester
    Psych is 1 day/week for the whole semester
    Med/Surg 2 is 2 day/week for half the semester
    Internship/Adv. Praticum is 80 hrs, schedule depends on which one you get

    Hopes that helps.
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    Hi my name is Avneet..and I see you've attended Bryant and Stratton college I'm looking into nursing programs..and do you hve any advice on the program..?
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    I'm currently interested in becoming a student at Bryant and Stratton for the nursing program. I'm currently an LPN and I'm wondering if u guys could inform me on what to expect and what to study for the entrance exam..thanx!!xoxo
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    Are you able to do ANY classes online at Bryant and Stratton?
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    This is about 2 years later but yes, you can only take General Ed. classes online nursing classes.

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