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    Hey guys, new to this website....but I've found it so helpful in the short time that I've been here....but I was wondering if anyone is a graduate, current student or knows of any reputation about Bellin College and their nursing program. I want to know how competitive it is, how well their graduates place and pass the exam and just overall if there are any info about the college.

    The reason I'm asking is that, I'm looking to apply to several ABSN program here in Wisconsin, and I was told that with my grades, I would be guaranteed a spot in their program when I applied versus other program. So I just would like to know if anyone has any other info about them.

    Thank you

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    Hi there, I currently live in Oregon but have family in the GB area. My mother knows someone whose daughter got in "immediately" with approximately a 2.8 GPA. I was really hopeful to apply there as well, but was perusing the website and it seems a BSN is >$60k! So perhaps you would get in quickly; but with a lot of debt? Good luck, please let me know if you find more info!
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    bellin is a very good nursing school, no wait lists. a great way to get in and get your nursing degree without all the frustration of the tech school wait lists and their constant changing pre-reqs. however bellin is very expensive. i would live to do their 15 month accelerated program (i have a ba in business), but am not willing to go $60k in debt to do so. so i have resigned to the fact that i will have to remain on the wait list at nwtc until i finally get in, earn my adn and then go on to get my bsn.
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    I'm starting my ABSN at Bellin this Spring, Jan 2010. Was wondering if anyone out there is starting this program too. I was told there will be about 26 of us in the accelerated program. I'm looking for housing in the area so it would be nice to meet up with any prospective cohort that will be starting there too. I'm not from Green Bay so I'm a bit nervous about moving and finding housing as Bellin does not endorse or provide any information about housing.

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    hey nickos, i think your mom's friend got her numbers mixed up. my daughter is a senior at bellin, and it it quite competitive to get in, and while it is challenging, she is getting a good education, with clinicals since 2nd semester freshman year, and out in 4 years unlike the state schools. here is a quote from their website with admission criteria :
    if an applicant is applying for entry directly after high school and has 11 or fewer transferable credits an act score of 23 (or higher) (or sat score of 1070 (verbal + math) and a high school grade point average of 3.25 or higher on a 4.0 grade scale is required. act scores of 21 or 22 will be considered and reviewed individually by the admissions director. the gpa will be calculated at the time of application. the gpa requirements need to be maintained on final high school transcripts to remain a viable candidate.

    jellomadison, congrats on being accepted into bellin. my daughter lives near downtown, in a vintage appartment called grace manor on monroe ave. the rent for her studio apartment is $385 a month. green bay is an interesting city, with mixed neighborhoods, and rental houses right near high end historical owner occupied homes. she's lived there for almost 2 years, and has never felt unsafe. since bellin's new campus is in bellevue,on the east side of gb, check craigslist-green bay. here are a couple of listings.

    good luck in school and your career!

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    Bellin College has long had a good reputation for graduating good nurses. It is a private college which also equals high tuition. Both NWTC (tech college in Green Bay) and Bellin College are good nursing colleges. Employers in the local area will equally consider graduates of both colleges.
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    I just thought I would add in my thoughts. I am currently finishing up my undergrad degree at St. Norbert College in psychology and was thinking of going to grad school for psychology, but lately I have been having thoughts of going to nursing school. I need a few pre-reqs, but that shouldn't be a problem. Does Bellin accept a lot of men into their program? I'm sure it isn't that much, but I just would like to know.
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    Bellin is good school but is private and quite costly. There prerequistes are quite specfic. It is affliated with a Bellin Health (hospital) and I hear there clinicals are great. There are several universities (UW) that are high ranked also. Have high entrance requirements, but no waist lists. I do withhold my opinions about technical schools. I am a BSN and am such prejudice.
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    My daughter is a senior at Bellin. In her class of 46, there is one guy. They had a few more I believe, but they dropped out of the program due to grades.
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    dawgmama, congrats to your daughter. I'm really considering attending Bellin after I finish up at St. Norbert in the fall. I need a few pre-req. classes, but I should be able to get those done fairly fast. Correct me if I'm wrong, does Bellin offer to pay for your schooling if you agree to work with them after graduation? I plan on looking into the accelerated program and am excited about it!!

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