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I'm wondering if anyone has any experiences (good or bad) to share either in working for Aurora Health Care in Milwaukee, or (more specifically) with Aurora's Graduate Nurse position. I will be graduating in May with a BSN and... Read More

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    Hi. I understand some of the opinions expressed about Aurora in this discussion board, but I am considering working for the company as a CNA.

    Can anyone tell me the different units that Aurora St. Luke's on 27th & Oklahoma has?

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    ASLMC has a lot of cardiac floors both step down and ICU, ortho, medsurg, neuro, and oncology. It is a very, very fast paced hospital to work in however, you will learn a lot. Try and figure out what your interests are then apply.
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    I would recommend working at Aurora St Luke's. You will definitely learn a lot. I actually spent clinical time there in nursing school and enjoyed it a lot. The nurses were very nice and helpful and the CNAs were great as well. I was on several different floors and it was consistently nice.
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    What school did you go to? Im currently at Cardinal Stritch.
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    I went to gateway in Kenosha.

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