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I got accepted in to the Nursing program for the Spring 2013 start for core courses. I am wondering if there is anyone else out there that will be starting with me? I will be attending the West Bend... Read More

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    Yes. I always bring my small blue assessment book. Drug book and nursing diagnosis book. However they do have some of the books there.
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    Any chance you remember the fundies, Nutrition test Manders0624? How much will we need to know for all the Hypo's and Hyper's?
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    You need to know it all because it will keep coming back to you. Not only that you do have a required NLN nutrition test at end of second semester. It is good to know it now.
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    It was a hard test for quite a few people. I studied like crazy and did well!
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    Tell me more about this NLN nutrition test.... :/
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    I don't know much about it other than it is 15 dollars to take it and it is on nutrition. I believe you have to pass with a 60% maybe higher. It is taken at the end of second semester in Life span clinical. It is one of three we have to take and pass.
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    Good to know! Do you know anyone that took the jump start class? I am debating on taking it... Is it worth it?
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    Quite a few of my classmates did. I did not. So I am not sure if it is worth it.
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    Is the program at MPTC full time only or can it be taken part time also ? Does anyone also work that's in this program ?
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    No....they phased out the part-time program :-( yes...some worked and some didn't. It all depends on the you have kids or other things going on as well?? We had students with lots of obligations do well and graduate and then some with less obligations fail out. It really all depends. And some people are naturally better at school/tests etc. Let me know if you have any other questions!! I just graduated this week :-)
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    As of spring I believe they are no longer doing a part time program. It will only be full time. Lots of students do work, I couldn't not imagine working and doing this but some people don't have a choice. I do know it is a lot of work and A LOT of work.

    This is coming from a now 3rd semester student. It takes A LOT of hard work and dedication. It is not an easy program.
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    Congrats Clear blue 3 ! That is awesome ! I know you are to glad to be done. Thanks for your input. I work now as a dialysis tech for the past 9 years, doing prerequisites part time. I also have a family so have to work .
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    Manders which campus are you at ? You hang on in there girl because your almost there ! In your opinion is it valuable to join one of the campuses student nurses association ?

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