WGU RN-BSN transfer to Vanderbilt?

  1. Hi, I am in the process of enrolling into WGU's RN-BSN program. However, my goal is to get my MSN from Vanderbilt. Does anyone know of anyone that has ever transferred into any of Vanderbilt's MSN programs with an online RN-BSN from WGU? I have searched and searched for this answer but have had no success in finding it.
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  3. by   zack1a
    As long as its accredited, which it is, you'll be fine. The only problem you may run into is if the program is competitive. If I'm not mistaken, WGU uses a pass/fail system. I'm not sure how they can use this when calculating your GPA. A friend of mine intended to go to WGU, but joined me at IUPUI because he said he would only get credit for a C average at WGU. I don't know if this is the case, but I'd definitely ask.I hope this helps. Let me know if you have anymore questions.
  4. by   Paige-RN
    Thank you so much for responding! Well, I have researched and it is a pass/fail but you get credit for coming out of their with a 3.0 as passing but no higher. I do know Vanderbilt requires a 3.0 for their program and I plan to really study and do well on the GRE and hopefully that will help as far as being competitive. WGU is nationally accredited so all should be well. Thanks again.
  5. by   zack1a
    Correction, he did say it was 3.0
    I guess you just have to figure out what your GPA is now and add the number of credits you'll earn from WGU at 3.0