WGU pre licensure start dates

  1. 0 Hello I am thinking of starting WGU in August, I would like to know if anyone will be in my cohort? If not, what is your start date? I am so excited to start! Has anyone taken the CLEP for College Algebra? Also if anyone is already attending WGU can you please tell me how it is, and are you taking out many loans? I would love some tips before diving in!
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    Sorry I will actually be an October 2012 hopeful for the Pasadena campus! I can't wait for an interview!
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    I am applying for the September Cohort. I'm really excited and scheduled to take the TEAS soon. I've never taken it before. I didn't take the CLEP for College Algebra, it was apart of my degree program gen eds. I prefer the Sep cohort because of the clinical locations. August cohort will be in Greenfield and September's will be at Wishard. Wishard is much closer so I prefer there. Good luck to you, how far are you in the admissions process, have you already been accepted?
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    I have not been accepted yet, but I am almost done with submitting everything for my nursing packet. TEAS was a tricky test for me. I felt like it was easy when I was taking it, but when I got my score I only received a 73%. I will be retaking it to see if I can get a higher score. Study all you can!
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    WGU will start a cohort in Wishard? that's great!
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    Hey just checking in with you to see if you've taken the TEAS test again? I recently did and I received a PROFICIENT score 70%, it was hard...lol, stuff that I havent thought about or went over in years. Did your enrollment advisor tell you to retake your test or is this by choice? Just curious what TEAS results are considered competitive in Indiana. ttyl
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    I'm in California. I got a 72% and my advisor did advise me to retake it. I was so bummed about that test because it seemed so easy when I was taking it, and then I received my score and just thought what the heck happened lol. Good luck!
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    Oh I definitely understand, I felt the same way. The program isn't so competitive here in Indiana due to lack of advertising and people not knowing about the program so hopefully my TEAS results will be acceptable. Good luck to you as well
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    Thank you! I'm really hoping that I get in for the October cohort! I don't want to take that test again...
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    I understand, Ill keep you in my prayers, I'm applying for one that begins in September, and have an appointment with my enrollment counselor on Monday, hopefully I'll get in there too!! Ill keep you updated
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    Awesome! Congratulations for making it this far. I will be praying for you too!
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    I spoke with my EC Monday and nothing has really changed. My transcripts are in and being evaluated. We have another follow up appointment next Monday. My transcripts should've been done already according to the 8-10 day processing time, but they aren't yet. Just waiting now to see what transfers in and how everything has been evaulated.
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    Hey just giving an update, I was officially accepted into the Indiana September Cohort 2012 today!!! I'm so happy! Just happy to get started and working towards this degree.

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