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Hello I am thinking of starting WGU in August, I would like to know if anyone will be in my cohort? If not, what is your start date? I am so excited to start! Has anyone taken the CLEP for College... Read More

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    Congratulations! I have really been working hard to get accepted into the Pasadena, CA October cohort, so hopefully I know soon CONGRATULATIONS once again!
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    Oh yeah, was your interview pretty simple, or was it hard?
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    My interview was simple, although it was quite LLLOONNNGG and drawn out...lol (emphasis on LONG)..LOL. They gave me a lot of important info about the program and walked me through on how to use the website and what to expect, etc. But it was more of an interview for them, they didn't really ask questions and they told me I was accepted before this so acceptance isnt contingent on this interview, although I believe it is for the actual Clinical curriculum, which you apply for about 60 days prior to the end of your 1st 6 mo term.
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    Oh awesome! Thank you I'm so excited to finish my application and hopefully get accepted. It took them over a month and a half to evaluate my transcripts for some reason...
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    Same here , I was starting to get anxious until I got the email that they'd been evaluated.
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    Hello! I am a WGU Hopeful. I have all of my pre-reqs done with the exception of A&P II with lab which I plan to do next semester. I have a few questions as I am interested in the CA Campus (Pasadena, Cesars) Their website says "Highly Competitive. Of course it is highly competitive as there are so many of us that are trying to get degrees! However, there are no clear guidelines. I'm thinking it would require a 4.0 in Sciences. Has anyone applied to the CA locations that was accepted and would be willing to share your grades/TEAS score?
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    Hi. I am applying to the 2016 September cohort. Can you share your experiences? How do the terms work?
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    When you received your acceptance letter did it say you were in the nursing program? I am wanting to apply for a scholarship.