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WGU and Baylor Hospital in Dallas

  1. 0 I really need advice. I am a new graduate nurse at Baylor UMC in Dallas. I have to complete by BSN. Baylor won't reimburse a program that doesn't give grades. From what I understand WGU doesn't give grades. If you work at Baylor and are going through WGU, I'd love love information and advice. Thanks!
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    I am not sure, it is probably best to contact an adviser, but I think that I read somewhere that they will give you a GPA of 3.0. Would a transcript showing classes taken work? An adviser would best know how to answer your question!
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    Thanks so much for responding. I did try to talk to my advisor about it, but she's not familiar with Baylor. She said that WGU "helps" with it, but she couldn't specify in what way or how. Also, trying to get a straight answer from Baylor has proven to be difficult.
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    Ah sorry, I hope you can find an answer! You would think Baylor would know - and WGU! Wgu should know how to handle that stuff!?! That is disconcerting!