Is there anyone in Dallas working on the pre-licensure enrollment req?

  1. 0 I am currently working on my pre-licensure enrollment requirements but I am little scared of the small number of students that let in the program at a time. This means I need to bust my butt on the TEAS and at least shot for 3.5 GPA on the science prereqs.
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    I am working on the pre-reqs for the pre-licensure program for the Dallas campus. I am going to retake A&P II as I only made a C and my enrollment advisor suggested that I retake to get an A, she said need 3.6 GPA to be competitive for Dallas. I am also studdying for the TEAS. I have already taken HESI, but was told TEAS is allot harder. I am trying to get into the August Cohort and the deadline is May 15th to retake the class and the TEAS. I am shooting for taking the test in March and the class right after at Straighterline which is online. Even though they are accepting a small amount of students this program looks promissing as I am sure you know how competitive it is to try and get into some of the other programs at TCC and DCCCD.
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    I am working on my science classes at UTA to get into WGU.
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    I know they let a small number in, but do you have an exact number?
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    i'm from CA cohort and we started at 10 students.
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    I was told for The August Dallas cohort they will be accepting 10-12. The last cohort they had over 900 appliactants and only 40 of them were qualified, meaning had all pre-reqs minimum GPA of 3.2 and minimum of 80% on TEAS. Out of those 10 people were picked the average GPA was 3.6 and an average TEAS score of 84%. I was also told that everyone picked either had a Bachelors degree or are working in the medical field.

    I am taking a CNA course starting first week of March and I am going to start working as a CNA part time to help my application, since nonone was picked without hospital experience. I plan on working 2 days a week during nursing school and I think this will be great experience for clinicals.

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