Live in WV, want to work in MD/Arc of Washington County

  1. Hi! I just finished taking my NET last night and I hope to pass and then get through the interview process, although I'm not expecting to (had a lot of trouble with math). I'm currently a medical transcriptionist/editor and I'm ready to move on, whether I get in school or not. There are a couple of positions for the Arc of Washington County (which is in MD) that I'd like to apply for and I'm wondering if there is anyone here who works for them and can give me some insight into what its like. My MIL just started an LPN position with them working in a home with (I believe its 4) other LPNs and she is loving it so far, but she has only just started. (Also, there are only 8 patients in one house, so I think it's 8:4) I only have MT/editing experience but like I said, I want to move on and gain some experience in taking care of patients instead of typing reports about them. What are my chances of getting one of these jobs without any experience? The post in the paper says that two week training is required (my MIL had to do it as well even though she already went to school) and it doesn't say past experience is required. Yesterday I found this ad from the Arc that says: Supports for adults with mild MR, autism or TBI $9.50 to $12 per hour. Open positions are primarily sleepovers, or 2nd & 3rd shifts.

    I'm wondering if this would be a position where I would have to work alone, or if it would be with another person. Also, I wonder if they do training overnight as well. I can find a care provider for my son, but really can't afford it until I start working, so I'd rather have training at night.

    Anyway, if there is anyone who works, or has worked, for this company and can answer some of my curious questions I would really appreciate it. I'm also interested in this company once I get through LPN school, so it's not going to be just a temporary thing to get me through school - it would be a long term thing.

    Thanks!! Tina
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