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  1. 0 I am interested in going to school for nursing, I live near keyser west virginia. I was wondering if anyone knew of any good schools that I could go to for the lpn program. I have heard allot of people say that this program is a waste of time to jump into the RN program but with three small children I dont know If I can handle it. Any suggestions?
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    It's only a waste of time if you let it be. LPN's can make great money. Depends on what you want to do in nursing. If you want to be a bed-side nurse; which will entail admistering medications, comfort messures, some wound care - There's a lot of options for you, but primarily long-term care. I'm an LPN, and have no desire to be an RN. I had started out with the intentions of getting my RN, but this field just isnt for me. Ive been a nurse for two years.

    As for a program near Keyser, I'm not sure if I know of any. I live in Kentucky now. I went to Mingo County School of Practical Nursing, and it was wonderful. The instructors there were so great, and you know your stuff before you even step foot on the ground for clinicals. I've had a few friends that left Mingo, and went to the nursing program in Wyoming County, in Pineville - I've heard that the cirriculum is less intense there.

    They pay in Southern WV can range anywhere from 11-16/hr.

    Hope this helps.

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