Davis Memorial Hospital

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    Does anyone on here know anything about this hospital? I am hopefully going to graduate this May, and I love this area of our state. I am planning to try and work in an ICU to get the required experience for anesthesia school. I am also interested in OR nursing, either circulating or scrubbing. Any info is much appreciated.
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    Hello, I'm not familiar with the floors, but I'm currently a traveler in the ED there. The ED group is super, nurses and doctors. I just took a staff spot there but what I know is there seems to be cutbacks. A girl that worked upstairs in med surg just transferred down to the ED due to being put on call too much.

    I have worked with some ICU nursed that have come down for some OT and they're really cool. I see the OR people occasionally to get someone from the ED and they too seem really cool.

    Pay isn't too hot and as far as benefits there is a high deductible.

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    Thanks for the info. I love that area, and think it would be great to live there. Is the ICU there a good one in your opinion?
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    I'd go work up there for some OT. I think there is 9 rooms, all individual rooms, no curtains. Every time I take someone up there from the ED it's usually really mellow. The RT's there are really down to earth too. Good people.
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    I externed this summer in the OR and it was awesome. The nurse manager/charge/staff are FANTASTIC. I'll be preceptoring in the ICU this semester, starting very soon, and will be happy to share when I do. I think most all of what Rob was saying is right on.
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    Thanks xy,

    Glad to hear you are having a good experience there. Good luck with your preceptorship!